Saturday, December 24, 2005

Go read

Driftglass. Very, very high on my internet crush list right now.

Lost time report, or why I never finish knitting anything: Last night I wandered onto, and discovered, to my joy, they've finally added the Dell Pocket DJ series to the compatible device list. And I spent the next two hours trying to get my Pocket DJ to talk to Audible. Without success. I upgraded drivers, reloaded software, did everything but dance around it chanting and sacrifice a chicken (I did sprinkle it liberally with profanity). No luck. Audible insisted my device was not Audible ready, or claimed not to see it at all. So I got up this morning and, after starting my sourdough sponge a'spongin', I started in on it again, because no MP3 player is going to kick MY ass. So then I'm looking at the Pocket DJ and realized it was almost completely out of juice. Uh, duh, maybe THAT is why Audible didn't see it - it was too weak to speak. Hours of doing all the hard stuff, and it's probably something this easy. So it's plugged into the charger and after we acheive a full charge I'll try again. If it doesn't work then, a customer service call to Audible is in order. But anyway, things like this are the reason I can take three weeks to knit a mistake rib scarf, while other knitbloggers finish entire sweaters.

The sourdough bread is an all day project. I'd forgotten how much advance plannning it takes. Timing is complex today - I'm supposed to do lunch with Boy and exchange gifts, and I'm also making a white bean soup that needs advance planning. And like a moron I forgot to buy more firelogs yesterday, so I do have to set foot in a store. Damn. But I must have a fire tonight.


Anonymous said...

How do you like Audible? I got the starter stuff when I got my mp3, but don't ever really look at it very hard.

When I read the last paragraph of yours, I thought it said you forgot to buy FROGLEGS!

Merry Christmas. After a divorce a couple of years ago, and no kids, mine is a very laid back affair, and, I agree, it is a nice way to do it.


Catherine said...

I love Audible, but I had to listen on my Axim, which isn't nearly as convenient as the little Pocket DJ - I was always worried about dropping the Axim because I had no way to belt-clip it. I found the software fix on the Dell website, btw, it needed a "firmware upgrade" and now it works perfectly. I think I'll be listening to way more audiobooks henceforth!

Catherine said...

Oh, and if I want froglegs, those screaming clowns in the backyard will be on my plate. But I don't do froglegs.

dragon knitter said...

indeed, must have a fire on christmas eve (gotta keep santa warm (evil chuckle)). merry christmas to you and yours!

Catherine said...

Hey, Santa's a totally modern man, he uses UPS and FedEx for the grownup gifts! Saves reindeer working hours!