Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I wasn't kidding

about the bears. This isn't my neighborhood but it's quite close. I can't believe those idiots are FEEDING them. I love bears, I really do, and if they want to wander around at night I'm all for live and let live, but a fed bear is a dangerous bear. It's a short hop from getting handouts to demanding them. And yes, this is all happening in the city, not some remote outpost of a subdivision in the boondocks.

Got the estimate from the landscaper, and it was right in line with what I was prepared to pay, but damn, it's a LOT of shrubbery, much more than I'd expected! I must be getting the commercial rate. I'm quite okay with this. It's going to look Mahvelous when done.

Scarves - Girl and I were walking the Lads last night and the breeze was cool and we were wearing sweatshirts, and I finally realized why Scarves Are Good. Even though my sweatshirt was cutting the breeze nicely, I was chilly because my neck was cold. A scarf with a sweatshirt no longer seems like a bad idea. The KFI Cashmerino that failed to become a Debbie Bliss sweater for Girlchild last year (because apparently DB designs for gigantic babies and short women) is going to become a scarf that matches the Girlchild's eyes. And maybe a hat too. It's not enough for a sweater that will actually fit her Tallness, it was barely enough for the DB failure, but it will make a deevinely soft scarf that will not itch her delicate and not shy about complaining about it neck.


Geogrrl said...

Ugh. Idiots like that really p*** me off. Living an hour outside of Banff, you'd see the same thing. Idiots feeding the bears. Unfortunately, they usually weren't the ones that were later mauled by a bear that wanted food--NOW.

cursingmama said...

I like to knit scarves - possibly something about fast gratification and using my short supply of patience on everyone and everything else. Thankfully living in Minnesota nobody wonders why I would knit so many frekin' scarves.

I can't believe people are feeding the bears, nuckin' fut jobs *shakes head*

Catherine said...

I know, mind-boggling, isn't it? A squirrel, if fed breakfast, will learn to tap on the window when the Cheerios don't appear at breakfast time. A bear will of course also learn to expect food if fed, but he weighs 400 pounds and can kill your kid, your dog, or you, even if he doesn't really mean to do it. The thing that got me was the neighbors mad at the guy who had enough sense to call and report overly tame bears!