Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's only 8:30 and

the neighbors are already drunk and blowing off their fingers with illegal fireworks celebrating. Dudley is very, very unhappy, he doesn't like holidays that involve fireworks. He really liked Thanksgiving - great food, great smells, and no explosives. This is his first New Year's Eve and so far, he's not liking it. He doesn't freak out and act wild, he just can't relax and stands next to me, hunched over and tensely worrying. Girl bought me Mucinex (before she went out partying with friends) and it sounds so good on the commercials but the warnings feature "If you feel jittery...." Uh, I'll try it tomorrow morning, thanks. I can't even do Robitussin, it keeps me up all night. So I'm falling back on Geogrrl's hot toddy suggestion, which is also my father's standby. I think it probably calms a cough as well as any "medicine." I think I should make Dudley a hot toddy before bed. He gets to sleep with me tonight, he'd be too freaked out in his crate alone in the living room.

There's a lull in the explosives, I think I'll see if the dogs will go out, then crawl into bed embarrassingly early and watch TV and sip a hot toddy. Not a NYE for the memoirs.


Bess said...

Of course, if you had a spinning wheel, you could calm that coughing in 10 minutes - and it would last for hours. Alas - it's not non-narcotic for one just can't stop spinning.

Hope you're feeling well soon! See you skinny in May!

Sue Woo said...

When I was a little kid and had a bad cough Granny used to give me a spoonful of whiskey with lemon and sugar. Worked every time. Of course today my sainted granny would have been ARRESTED but that's another post. Happy New Year!

Amie said...

Happy New Year! Oscar hates fireworks too, but I left him alone in his bedroom - he gets stressed out by the noise and then stressed out on top of that by trying to keep his body between me and the noise (which is very sweet, but when the noise comes from all around, it complicates things like getting up to go to the bathroom)... so it was off to bed alone with his pink teddy bear, who survived the night with a few extra cuddles I think.

Catherine said...

Dudley slept glued to me with his head on my body. Murphy is indifferent to fireworks and has been known to fall asleep when Mommy drags him out to watch them. At least I slept very well thanks to the hot toddy concept from Geogrrl - Floridians don't normally think of these things, you know! But it really stopped my cough all night, I was surprised.

Geogrrl said...

Happy New Year! Yes, our neighbours started "celebrating" at about 8pm last night with fireworks as well. I've never seen that before I came here... New Year's and fireworks. I always assumed that was a Chinese thing.

Glad to hear the hot toddy helped. That was one that my mother used to give me when I was feeling miserable. The honey and lemon are soothing as is the feeling of a hot drink.

The spoonful of whiskey w/sugar is a similar idea, but as a kid I didn't like the way it burned going down. The hot toddy is much more pleasant.

If you got any worse, I was going to suggest some of my mother's more arcane remedies, such as mustard plasters. Dear Deity, those things bring up a sweat; which, according to my mother is what you need to "break" a fever. Mind you, you will smell of mustard for a few days and no one will come near you... which is sometimes a good thing.

For a bad cough, see if you can get your hands on a bottle of Buckley's Mixture. It's been concocted for the last century or so from an old herbal (supposedly aboriginal) remedy--uses pine bark and all sorts of strange things. Canadian parents have terrorized sick kids for years with Buckley's Mixture. However, it does live up to it's motto--"It tastes awful... and it works."