Monday, December 19, 2005

Just Another Shitty Monday....

Sing it to yourself, it works.

Funnies du jour: my boss (I can't call her Boss because that name is associated with a particular person, so she's lower case boss but that in no way is a lowering of her good person quality status) and I were talking and she said, out of the blue, that she saw Gloria Steinem on TV and was shocked by how much I look like her. "Of course she's decades older than you, but you look like her when she was younger...." She said I have the same eyes and smile. Don't worry, I'm not insulted, I dream of aging like that! GS is my idea of aging with sexy style, if I do that I will be totally happy. That was a new one, I get lots of "You look like..." but Girl had to Google Steinem to see what she looks like. She concurs that it's a solid You Look Like. Girl and I get umpteen You Look Likes regularly. My favorite Girl You Look Like is Yasmine Bleeth. And a fair amount of Michelle Pfeiffer. She got the "She's a baby Michelle Pfeiffer" from moms on the playground when she was 5, and gets "You look like..." in bars today. I don't really see it as much as YB, because YB has the coloring and the facial structure down better. Whatever.

I agree, I can actually see the Gloria Steinem thing, unlike many of the You Look Likes, and God Knows I'm flattered. But GS has kept her figure a lot better than I have. I usedta wear tight jeans like in one uh them pichers. Heavy (butted) Sigh. But As God Is Mah Witnuss, Mah Ass Will Rise Again!

Tonight some of the little girls in the neighborhood came caroling, and I thought Murphy was going to actually have a heart attack. He was so excited he screamed through the songs, had to kiss everybody, and then we had to go outside and say thank you again. I wish I'd had a video, they are so cute and Murphy joined in, screaming at the tops of his lungs with the carols. Priceless. Dudley was being held in an illegal cop choke hold in the kitchen by his mother so he could only listen. He was equally delighted but big enough to knock down a caroler in his Extreme Holiday Spirit.

Healthy eating all day, despite the piles of crap in the kitchen at work. Much better. Stretching and crunches before bed. I am probably one of the least introspective people I know, I don't do self-examination well at all, but even I have to admit that there is a pattern here. Between the overcluttered, overmessy house (I can't have anyone over when the house looks like this!) and the ass in denial until a man flirts with me and then I'm like, But This Is Not Who I Am and what's wrong with you? I've been hiding from Getting Out There. It doesn't take a therapist to figure out that I've been layering myself in avoidance of the next stage of my life. The stars are re-aligning, and I have little choice but to go with the flow, and ride the wave to the next phase. Bring on 2006. I'm so ready.


Juno said...

Squats and lunges, darlin', squats and lunges and your ass WILL rise again.

Best of luck with the re-alignment of stars, etc.

Catherine said...

ROFL! Now that's a mantra I can live with - Squats and lunges and my ass will rise again!