Saturday, December 31, 2005

To Do in 2006

1. Continue decluttering of house. Ruthlessly.

This is #1 because it's a tough one for me. As a child of Depression Children (as well as depressed adults, but I digress) throwing something out = eternal damnation. Wasteful! Shameful! I have to force myself to do it, but I'm getting better at it. I now ask: 1) Do I need this? 2) Is this a useful charitable donation? and if the answer to both is no (and it's depressing how often it is, because it just illustrates how much Shit I Have) I...wait for it...throw it OUT. It makes me feel so naughty! Dropping the F bomb is easy, throwing out a box of useless crap that charity can't use, that's hard.

2. Join two new organizations, one personal, one professional. I'm thinking
WW and the National Assocation of Women in Construction.

WW has been discussed. That's for sure. NAWIC - I'm on the fence. I realize I must learn to be all about the networking, and I realize that I am transitioning from the Scarlet P of paralegaldom to a more wide-ranging construction wonk role. This could facilitate that. Or it could be a tax write-off of professional dues and otherwise worthless. Only time will tell.

3. Use gym membership 3x a week minimum. 5 would be better, but let's be real here.

4. Upgrade wardrobe as ass improves, because wardrobe and ass are both in sorry shape.

5. Regain RE license. Even if I never do much with it, I won't let it go dead again. I may want it someday. And my company will pay me back for the cost of getting it, or so my boss said.

6. Perhaps try that online dating thing. I know at least two people IRL who have met really quality men that way.

This is another "eh?" for me. I think about it and then think, "But why? I'm happy the way I am!" But then I think that maybe I'm wasting the fading embers of the hot years here, and when I finally get bored with knitting and the dogs my choice will be limited to retirees who need a woman to keep track of their medication. I think I need to get my act together while the ones younger than me are still expressing interest now and then. And they do, and it's so startling, because I'm so damn out of practice. There's always this lag time between getting hit on and my realization, later. I need a course in Remedial Flirting for the Long Out of Practice.

7. Cook real meals more often. Healthy meals. Bring healthy leftovers to work. Make healthy choices when eating out, instead of going along with Big Construction Guys and ordering barbeque and fries, even though I really do love the barbeque and fries.

I'm a really good cook. I like to cook. I need to do it more. Which leads to my next goal:

8. Entertain. I now have a kitchen I love, a yard I'm proud of, and the rest of the house, while it could use work (because I live here) and a major cat hair exorcism (because they live here) is at least presentable. We need a party. A "no occasion except I feel like it" party.

Hmmm. That's all I can come up with for now, but I reserve the right to add to the list as other issues arise.

And it's a new year - go through your makeup, medications, back of the refrigerator, and underwear drawer. If you can't remember how old it is, throw it out. Feel naughty - toss the washed out bra BEFORE the underwire breaks free and stabs you in the boob! Toss the mascara that is probably a bacteria farm by now, even if it IS still almost 1/24th full! It's a new year tomorrow!


Sue Woo said...

A friend of mine has started giving full moon parties every month. It's fun and makes us look.

Catherine said...

Oh, great idea, the crowd I run with would totally appreciate a full moon party! I'll have to look at a moon calendar for a significant full moon and make that the first one!