Saturday, January 28, 2006

Actual Fiber Content.

The Longmeadow arrived. Eh. It's nice enough but it's hand wash only, and it's no Cotton-ease, may Lion Brand rot in bankruptcy for killing the best yarn they had for variations on ribbons and shredded Muppet. Longmeadow is sport weight, very, very soft, but, and maybe it's my monitor, WEBS' "Aegean" conjured up a pale blue-green, and what I got was a basic baby green with a different name on the label entirely: "Seafoam." Caveat Emptor. It's okay yarn and for twenty bucks I won't bother sending it back, but I'm not impressed.

Now that the second Red Scarf scarf is done, I will press on to finish the linen shawl that has been back-burnered (but I'm still working on it). I'm a skein from done, which is quite a distance, but this mother is going to be BIG. I'm not very big but I hate skimpy anything. I may stop short of the full fourth skein and make some eggplant-colored washcloths or something. My passion for Euroflax linen has not faded, I want MORE and MORE and MORE.

So, for the Knitting Special Olympics charity blankie, I will break out the baby yellow Cotton-ease. And feel a pang of sadness that a good workhorse cotton blend I could pick up locally on a whim is no more. Damn Lion Brand.


Debi said...

Your scarves are lovely and practical!

As for the Longmeadow, if you have your reciept showing you ordered Aegean, call them and tell them to send a UPS will-call ticket to pick up the wrong color and send out the right color ASAP. When you call speak to Steve, he's the owner.

That happened to me with some DB Cashmerino from WEBS. I made Steve a deal, kept the "wrong" color and got the right color at 50% off...we were BOTH happy!

If you want nice cotton/acrylic you can find Rowan All Seasons Cotton at really low prices when certain colors have been discontinued here:
(both quite reliable eBay stores)
Cumberpatch -
Janette's Rare Yarns - (sign up for Janette's newsletter and get even better specials - only for members)

Also, GGH Samoa is exactly like ASC at a much better price! You can find it under "Supercrafty" on EBay or lots of sites on the web!

I would look into the Rowan sales and buy when the prices are good cause we Florida gals can ALWAYS use great cotton blends!

I used ASC for my Adrienne Vittadini lace top last year if you want to see it "in action"

Catherine said...

Aegean is "Seafoam" on the ball band - it's the right color, it's just called something else. I'll think about it today, I may send it back or I may find a use for it.

I've ordered from Cucumberpatch before, I love them! I'll have to check for ASC on sale - this was meant to be charity baby knitting, and I was trying to find an economical substitute for Cotton-ease. The search continues.