Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And the cold came back...

they said it was a goner, but the cold came back, the very next day.

Name that children's song and artist, and I will promise not to sneeze on you.

I don't know why I thought it was gone, it wasn't, it was merely morphing into a new form, one more focused on the nasal rather than the throatal region. Don't they normally go the other way?

So, bless me Blogworld, for I have failed again - no WW meeting yet. I did survive the workdays but my drugs wear off around 3:30. However, we ARE eating a la Core Plan, so it's not like this is a total flaking out. It's just postponing the meetings until I am not exhausted and spewing snot. But the eating is on track, so that's really okay for now.

As for the workdays, suddenly I am spending the entire day answering questions via email and phone and finding documents and dealing with 47 unrelated "emergencies" at once. Coming from a litigation background, I am still baffled as to how dirt can have an emergency. Answer: It really can't, but the people who do dirt law tend to be on a different plane than the rest of us who deal with calendars and deadlines. A contract signed in 2003or4 can specify a closing date in 2006, because it can take that long to move dirt from one stage to the next, and that date approaches and Holy Shit Nobody Knew This Closing Was Coming!!!!! Including the LAWYER responsible for the closing documents!!!! Who, I think, Actually Drafted the Contract!!!! It's a SURPRISE! They're not READY!!!

I remember why I ran screaming from real estate law years ago, and why litigators have contempt too rude? not so high opinions of dirt law people. There are exceptions of course, I adore our lawyer (who was, ahem, not responsible for drafting the closing docs) and I've worked with some good ones, but, as a rule, it's frustrating. Very.

Meanwhile, back at the dog ranch....

Girl started talking last night about moving out after she graduates this summer, and I started having serious Dudley Withdrawal already. So she hopped on the internet and found that

the breeder who gave her Dudley

bred the same sire and dam (she has the dam, the sire is from another breeder)

and they are due in February (assuming it took, but it should have)

with pups to go home in April.

And yes, we already emailed her to call dibs.

Because I have to have a Boston snuggled next to me at night now. Murphy is a love, he's a fabulous dog, but Murphy, tiny and cuddly as he looks and IS, is actually a guy. He's all about the belly rubs and lap sits, but when he wants to go to sleep, dammit he wants his own bed so he can sprawl out and scratch. Or Dudley's bed, because lately he has been sleeping in the living room, sprawled on his back on the bed we got for the bigger dog, while the bigger dog sleeps with me, because his own mother is out working or socializing. Dudley will of course always have a bed here if Mom has an active social calendar, but I absolutely can't "take" her dog because she adores him like a human child, so I need one somewhat like him (but better trained - I'd take him all the way through obedience classes) for myself. I adore Murphy, don't get me wrong, but he's his own little man. We have a scarily peer-like relationship. He's not very doggy in his ways. Dudley is a dog's dog, a butt-sniffing, hole-digging, farting, snoring DOG. Murphy was a very young dog when my husband got sick and his life changed just as mine did, and he adapted by becoming a solo sleeper. So did I, of course, but I still want a Boston. Potential online personal ad: "Must Love Bostons."

I haven't linked to a Daily Kos thing in a while, but this
Cheers and Jeers is particularly funny and juicy. Anyone who mocks Kathleen Parker is a friend of mine.


KatyaR said...

Is there ANYTHING more adorable in the world than a baby Boston? I'm so jealous. I can see how you would hate to have Dudley move out (and the Girl, too, don't get me wrong)--he is definitely a heartbreaker.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for puppies!

mzmouze said...

The song is "The cat came back" but I didn't know anyone had recorded it...we used to sing it in camp waaaaaay back in the day.

Geogrrl said...

Oh, have you ever seen the cartoon to go with "The Cat Came Back"? It was done by the NFB some years back.

Hilarious in a sick way. I highly recommend watching it.

Jeri said...

ugh, hope you get well soon. that stuff is going around here too - everyone I know has relapsed at least once.

and Dudley gets a brother? it confirms my suspicions, Bostons will steal your heart, they are so damn cute and FULL of personality. I'm happy for you!

Bess said...

Oooooo - puppy love! Great idea.

But I gotta laugh - when you said "in case mom has an active social life" my brain clicked over to an image of you explaining to your boy toy why he had to share the bed with TheManOfTheHouse! Forgot who D's mom was for a second.

carolyn said...

Yup, those Bostons are the best! Mine sleeps under the covers in my bed too. He's like a little hot water bottle. I love it when he settles in and puts his weight up against me. *Heaven*
My parents used to play a lot of Roger Whittaker when I was a kid and he did a version of The Cat Came Back.

Aria said...

All I can think of is "Sharon Lois and Brahm" of "The Elephant Show" for some reason - maybe they did a version? maybe I'm just too tired from not sleeping last night? who knows... *goes off singing "skinamarinky dinky dink, skinamarinky doo, I love you..."* AHHHH!!!!

Catherine said...

Well, I WILL explain to any boy toys that they have to share the bed with the Man of the House!

Janet said...

Can't wait for puppy pics in a few months!
It's cool to have animals with very different personalities around the house. I get a kick out of watching my shy cat interact with my rambunctious one.
And of course boy toys need to understand the sleeping hierarchy! ;-)

Bess said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I miss it when you don't post.