Friday, January 20, 2006

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That would explain why the cats sleep on me.

Marfa and Bess.

from the Celebrity Trash File. I love Snarkywood, I wish they'd update more often.

One of Girl's friends has a yen for a mistake rib scarf like hers, but in blue. And Girl wants fingerless gloves in the same cashmerino to go with her scarf, which she loves because it's so flexible - she can wrap it around her neck more than once, pull it up over her ears when they are chilly - that's the glory of mistake rib scarves, they ain't fancy but they are so versatile. A 5 or 6 inch wide scarf can cover most of your head in a pinch. I am all about practical.

The time management class was much better than I'd expected. I was braced for a full day of How to Give Your Soul to the Company and LIKE It, Bitch! and in reality it was about making time for balance in life, and finding time in the day for everything you really want to do, and work isn't the focus. We will see if I can apply it to real life. I'm honestly going to try.

Early to bed, early to rise, then off to the gym and Costco and housework and a haircut, and I know that doesn't rhyme but I'm tired.

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