Thursday, January 19, 2006


Much to blog about, no time to do it. I feel like the White Rabbit this week. And now I must scurry off and dry my hair and get out of the house, and it's only 38 freaking degrees out there. The temp is rising and falling over 40 degrees every few days. It's insane. More later maybe.


cursingmama said...

Its funny how us northern dwellers always forget that Florida and other southern states get a taste of the cold too. I've spent more than one spring break in Florida wishing I'd brought a hat & mittens - I'm a slow learner.
Hope it warms up again soon - but not too warm.

Aria said...

OT comment here - but I was wondering if you knew of any CROCHETED lace shawls? As in seriously able to compete with all the lace stuff the advanced knitters are doing? I just know better than to attempt anything near lace with knitting - and I know you've made some comments about it in the past so I was thinking maybe you'd be the best person to check with (I couldn't find anything online last night)


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, you lucky ducks, but it doesn't STAY cold. Therein lies the key. I am in the great Northwest, but I grew up in Georgia. My biggest complaint about here is that, when I lived in Ga, when January came, spring was on it's way. Sure there was cold, but there were a few warm days, too. But here! Eeesh, January is just the beginning! We've got months before we get any good weather. Makes me want to run away to Arizona.