Monday, January 02, 2006

Feeling far more human

except for a tingling right hand. I went on a crochet bender today. My hand is punishing me for punishing it.

Don't ask me why, but I got it into my head that all the bits and pieces of Cotton-ease in the stash from hell have a purpose - they are meant to be a Project Linus afghan. They're blues and greens and yellows and in a mindless ripple afghan of random stripes, it'll look sunny and ocean-like and soothing. I had to consult Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet to remember how to do a ripple afghan, I haven't done one in 30 years, but somehow ripple and the ocean colors work together. A ripple afghan is so retro it's fresh again, and while I wouldn't want one in an adult size, as a colorful, washable, comforting kid afghan it'll be nice, especially in the ripply ocean colors. And I'm baffled once again by the cluelessness of Lion Brand - Cotton-ease was the best stuff they had, maybe the best yarn they EVER had. It's springy and soft and washable and looks as nice as much higher-end cotton blends from Rowan et al. So they ditched it and put out six more kinds of Shredded Muppet. WTF?

Crochet is even more meditative than knitting for me. I'm not sure why this is - maybe because I learned to crochet first, and so long ago I've "always" known how to do it? But crochet puts me into a contemplative state of mind. I spent the day thinking about goals and plans and what I need in my life and what I don't need in my life, and it was good. My cold is much better - I swear the rum toddies worked better than any real medicine. I slept fabulously last night, went to bed at 9:30 and woke up after 8! Imagine my shock when I looked at the clock. I no longer look like death-warmed-over, though I certainly have looked better.

While seriously screwing up my hand on the crochet bender (and such is my addiction that I still want to do it even though my right hand is tingling) I listened to Molly Ivins' "Who Let the Dogs In?" If you haven't read it, do so, it puts so many questions of "How the hell did we get into this mess?" in a new light, as many of her columns from the early 90s foreshadow so much of the bullshit of today. It's also amusing to listen to her collection of essays from the reign of Bush I - I'd forgotten so many of the news stories touching on the Elder's incoherence, temper, sneakiness, etc. It's infuriating and somewhat depressing to hear/read those old columns and really how much of what we're dealing with now was put into place years ago. Her 10+ year old bitching about the spineless jellyfish media is as fresh as today's news.

I've had a slacker weekend - the cold was a fine excuse - but I did do all the laundry, deep-clean my bathroom and replace the shower curtain, take down the Christmas ornaments, cook some good healthy food, and throw out a new pile of crap. There's more crap to go. I rewarded myself with some goodies from One Fine Yarn - some patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple, a top-down v-neck cardigan and a split-neck fitted tee. That tee would be so nice in purple Cotton Fleece from the stash, and the gauge is right.

Tomorrow, Weight Watchers! Girl and I are jazzed, we are so much alike, we both have a relatively small amount of weight to lose but without outside guidance/pressure we'll never do it.

Stole the Seven Deadly Sins from the great Angry Black Bitch.


Bess said...

Good luck with WW. I love it - even though I don't always follow it. The wild rice/pecan crust for quiche is delicious. I'll dig it out for you.

Catherine said...

I tried it years ago, back in the "fat is evil" days of cereal and skim milk and fruit for breakfast and damn near starved to death, you could hear my stomach growling by 9:30 a.m., but I've read the Core program details and I can do that. I need the outside accountability, becuase so far I've done badly being accountable to myself.

ChelleC100 said...

Yes, I love the Core Program!! I am on it too. Just started back to WW last Saturday. The Core is very similar to South Beach actually. Chelle

Aria said...

I hate what crochet does to my wrist - its one of the reasons I wanted to learn to knit... I agree on the meditative bit - but that might be more due to my still being a knitting beginner... But even later - i think knitting will still be more of a concern for the simple fact that you don't do too much damage dropping your crochet project - but drop your knitting needles the wrong way and you've got a lot to deal with...

Catherine said...

I agree, that's why I believe in crocheted lace and think knitted lace is for masochists. Lose your place in knitted lace? Trauma. Lose your place in crocheted lace? Pull back one stitch at a time until it's all better.

Sadly, I think this incarnation of the afghan is a goner, I've estimated my yardage and I don't have enough to maintain the ocean theme. Which makes me rethink the whole ripple thing, because ripple in a variety loud colors is just too scary to inflict on a sick child. Back to the drawing board.