Sunday, January 15, 2006

M. Kane Jeeves

is in fine form.

I haven't said much of a political nature lately, because I'm reaching "too disgusted to speak." I did have the TV on when the Chattering Heads shows started (I normally leap to turn them off) and sat through a truly interesting spectacle - it was like a Republican country club gathering, tsking endlessly over "What's wrong with the Democrats?" That's quite remarkable, since the sleaze and scum of the Republican Party is all rising to the top, like a septic tank gone bad, one would think that maybe, just maybe, this would be worth discussing a bit. Naaah. Only the Democratic Response to it matters, not the facts.

When I get around to updating the sidebar Steve Gilliard goes in. I was laughing in recognition when I read this, because though of course the progressive side has its share of nerds, and I love nerds, I've had the dubious honor of knowing quite a few low-level, Renfield-like wannabe-player Republican boys, still at the callow age of, oh, mid-40s. They are SO much as described.

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Sue Woo said...

That quiz cracked me up too. Thanks for turning me on to M. Kane. He is so thoughtful and funny at the same time!