Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oh God, It's ONLY TUESDAY???

That's not actually how we said it at work, but I'm trying to put myself on F-Word Points. It's like WW points, I am allotted only so many F-bombs per week. I used 'em all the other day. Just edit the above sentence appropriately in your head, you non-F-Bomb-phobics (and you know who you are). Say it in a tone of disbelief, exhaustion, and horror.

It's only Tuesday and already qualifies as "It's been a bad week." Nothing is as it seems this week. But it's a short week of sorts, Friday we have a team building day at a theme park that serves alcohol. Just have a cab standing by to take us home. Thank you.

Knitting: I have decided that the next linen thing should be a garment rather than a shawl, because I haven't really decided if I am a Shawl Person yet, so I don't want to go too hog-wild on them and wear each once a year. And I still have really nice Fiesta Yarns shawl makings in the stash, so yeah, I need to not get shawl-crazed.

I gave myself a night off on shawl knitting last night, to rest the claw. I'll work on it tonight. It's so close to done I can taste it. And I'm getting sick of it. I'm regretting the color - not that it isn't a lovely color, not that it won't be dramatic with my ubiquitous black and even the nearly as ubiquitous denim, but I'm craving color. I'm craving hot tropical color for the next project. I must contemplate this further.

Meanwhile, I am scheduling a trip to the NSLYS on Saturday morning. I have to schedule it, because otherwise I'll do other things, but if I'm going to buy yarn I want to shop locally first, and I will see if she's restocked on Euroflax Linen before I go foraging online.

Wine, knitting, lots of stretching before bed. Which will be quite early. Because tomorrow is only (I won't say it) Wednesday.


Janet said...

There is something in the air, and it's cross-country. My office is having a week like that too, and words pretty much identical to yours were said. Auuuuugh! But happy drinking at the theme park!

Sue Woo said...

Hi Catherine,

Sorry it's been a bad week so soon into it. Think of it this way-you have lots of time for it to vastly improve. mkane will cheer you up if her hasn't already.


Bess said...

Twins! I'm so needing color this year too. I even bought those 1950's pink and green file boxes at Wmart so I could have COLOR!!!

I'm usually very comfortable in rust, cream and chocolate brown but I want pink for a change and bright and singing color.

and do you want to know the real F word? I'll tell you. It's Family!