Monday, January 09, 2006


First, thank you for the shopping condolences. I don't have much time, because I'm trying to get more efficient in the morning, but I may have solved my clothing dilemma online. I used to shop Victoria's Secret for clothing online, back in the day, and decided to check them out again. The "big semi-annual sale" is on and the prices really are decent. I wish they had the clothes in the stores, because I don't care for most of their lingerie but the clothes really are nice. Not all of it is, shall we say, "age appropriate," but much of it is still okay for my 40something self, and VS does make clothing cut for women with hips and boobs, God bless them. I scored a pair of slacks and a couple of shirts that will arrive immediately, and a couple more shirts and new yoga pants that are on backorder. We'll see if the fit still works for me as a 12 instead of my former 6-8. My daughter ordered her new winter coat and a dressy top from them and was very pleased. They have a ton of stuff on sale, the prices are quite decent (yoga pants for $20 puts them in Target territory, if Target still carried the style I liked).

Shoes are another matter. Maybe I'll try Zappos.

I'd love to learn to sew. I need a class, and right now I have too much on my plate - the self-paced real estate class, the gym, and adding Weight Watchers on top of the Job and the usual domestic tasks like cooking and shopping and cleaning the house and caring for the critters, my calendar is already looking mighty full. But sewing is on the agenda for later this year, after the RE class and after I rearrange the house a bit - that big computer cabinet that was my husband's NEEDS to find a new home this year. Then I can put my desk in the living room and turn this little office space into a crafts room, where I can close the doors to keep curious cats out of my projects. It's perfect for that, it gets lots of natural daylight. But that's a month or two down the road. Maybe by this summer I'll be able to take a sewing class. Maybe.

I finished Girl's green scarf and started a new sweater for myself - the top-down v-neck cardigan (#241) from Knitting Pure and Simple.

I love top-down sweaters, but the rows, they do get long. I'm only at the top of the shoulder shaping and it's already starting to feel like a slog back and forth, I have to remind myself that this is IT, the entire sweater's width, and when it's done, it's done. I was attracted to this one by the very simple finishing, and I had black Stahl Bandolino languishing in my stash for the past two years, destined to be an office cardie. Yeah, black. Thank GOD for the Ott light.

Oops, look at the time, must shower. Happy Monday.


Jennifer said...

I love Zappos. I've bought a couple of pairs of shoes from them. I've had to return some too, and the return process could not be easier.

Anonymous said...

Hey there-- That cardigan is next on my list-- I love doing things top-down, and I'm thinking of using it for some Zara I picked up on vacation.....

Zappos is fanastic-- they're even great about returns... (Of course, I buy ugly but comfy shoes-- they're getting cuter these days).

Myshelle10 from KR

dianna said...

Off topic: I have a paralegal-type question that I wanted to ask you... but can't find an email address on your site. If you have a minute and feel like talking, can you send me your e-mail address to diannal20 at

Marcia said...

Yah know, You're on to something with the VS. I forgot all about them. Ever since I left my old ass size, I've been avoiding all my old shopping haunts. Ashamed. Like they give a pig's tooter.

Catherine said...

I forgot about them until Girlchild ordered, then it was like, "Heeey, I used to shop there all the time...."

Geogrrl said...

I used to sew a lot--and was getting good at altering patterns to fit--but got out of the habit after living in small apartments. Sewing needs space--for spreading out pins, patterns, and fabrics.

I'm also one of those old-fashioned geeks who tailor-tacks, bastes, and hems by hand.

Having to gather up all of the sewing paraphernalia and put it away after a few hours was a pain in the arse. One of the reasons I got back into knitting; I can stuff it in a bag and throw it in a corner.