Saturday, January 07, 2006

Shopping. Sucks.

Hours of effort and I bought:

A Boston Terrier calendar for the kitchen @ 50% off. Why does anyone pay full price for a calendar? Is the first week of the year so complicated they can't do without a calendar on the fridge for a few days?

Harney & Sons tea. Full price at Williams Sonoma, but hell, I drove to that mall, I wasn't leaving empty-handed.

Two Bali bras on sale, and 5 minutes from my house. Today was basically a waste of gas and time.

What I didn't buy: Anything I went looking for. No boots, not even shoes. No cute shirts. No nuthin. I saw nothing in the stores that looked nicer than the boring crap in my closet, and I am totally sick of the boring crap in my closet, so that's saying something. When, dear God, will we get past this short stubby length in shirts? Am I the only one who has noticed this? For the past several years, women's clothing has gotten shorter and boxier. Add shrinkage in the dryer, and a shirt that was barely long enough is too short after a few washings. I'm so exasperated -I am 5'5", not that damn tall. The girls are not THAT robust that they can displace major shirt length. These shirts are just too fucking short. A larger size doesn't help, it is too wide and still shrinks too short, YET REMAINS TOO WIDE. I don't know how many t-shirts have evolved into square, short, unflattering rags in a very short time.

Purls Before Swine speaks for many of us.

I hope spring is better. I plan to be skinny(er), and dammit the clothes better make it worth the effort. Because right now I'm looking at Lane Bryant and thinking I'm a few evenings of pitchers of beer and pizzas and quitting the gym away from shirts that aren't too fucking short, and right now it doesn't sound like a bad option.

I was so bummed by the shopping failure that I really, really wanted to go to the yarn store, but I resisted, and it's a good thing, because my order from One Fine Yarn arrived. Haven't played with it yet. Maybe I'll cast on that cotton fleece split-neck top, since I can't find a goddamn thing in the stores. Maybe I'll spend the evening shopping online, because it's so much better than the mall(s) right now.


Geogrrl said...

Man, sing it! So many shirts, etc. that I've passed up because... too short and too wide. They look silly on anyone over 90 lbs.

Also, at least in this town, stretch jeans. Again, unless you're 90 lbs, a no-no. I tried on one pair and DH said they looked like a sausage casing. The clerk helping me looked surprised that he said that... and even more surprised that I agreed.

Bess said...

What what? You don't want to show your 40 year old belly to the masses? Get with it gal - the cropped shirts are to go with the F*****G cropped pants. When oh when oh when are women going to say "I refuse to look like a scarecrow. I will learn to sew" and then the wonderful fabric shops will spring up beside the wonderful yarn shops and we can be stylish once again.


As bad as shirts that are too short is ones with too much lycra in them. La they are sweaty.

Janet said...

Yes, I have often wanted to learn to sew for related reasons. (Being a Lane Bryant woman, I get annoyed at what the fashion industry thinks big women want to wear. It's a million times better, but still bad.) I even got a sewing machine for same. But I need to get myself to a class or something!

Sorry your expedition sucked. Online shopping IS less painful, as long as you know your size in their clothes!