Saturday, January 14, 2006

This, that and the other.

First, here's the link to the sourdough pancake recipe, though they call it a waffle recipe. Sourdough Waffles/Pancakes As you can see, it's a bit of a production but well worth it. They are goood.

Bess is really serious about dealing with her stash. "Stash Stagnation" - a great term for the problem. My stash is somewhat less stagnant post-garage sale, but it still could use stirring. There's nothing wrong with stashing, but at some point I, like Bess, looked around and realized I wasn't using the stash. For me it was a matter of coming to terms with the climate in which I live. It's freaking hot here. While today it's in the 40s and windy and wool is a good thing, yesterday it was near 80 and by Tuesday it'll be in the 70s again. There is just not much need for wool. There is ZERO need for stuff like Dale of Norway sweaters. Socks, yes. Cotton and linen little things, yes. A light wool scarf to wear on the occasional chilly days, sure.

My stash is largely stagnant because it is inappropriate. I get suckered by the things I see other people knitting on other blogs, and seduced by knitting books and magazines, and I forget where I am. I need to face facts: Florida is where I live, it is where I work, it is where my people are. It's hot here. Get over it.

So my variation on Bess's pledge goes like this: My stash will be stirred, revised, and made climate-appropriate. The wool will go to useful items like hats and mittens for the Dulaan Project. I won't swear off buying yarn, but I solemnly swear to buy appropriate yarn. Nice cottons and blends and linens. (Ooooh, linen....) Maybe get exotic with bamboo and hemp. Time to Knit Like a Floridian.

I'm making this for dinner today.


asepvnby said...

Hi Catherine.Yum. No bread for me for right now though, sez Dr Ann. I know what you mean about your stash. I'm in SC-however today is cold so I'm able to wear wool. For once. Have a good weekend.

Debi said...

As you well know,I live in Florida too and I wear my woolens year the frigid Florida AC!!

I am trying to knit more cooler, cotton tops but I pretty much have a warmer "cover up" with me all the time!

Isn't this weather GREAT tho? :)

Catherine said...

I like to have something for the A/C too, especially at the office, but wool is too much for me.

Bess said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. It's all about being honest, though, isn't it? Not a Dale of Norway sweater. But having a useful stash, not another junk drawer.

Ahh well. I love resolutions but I would never have made this one if I hadn't thought it would be a fun one to keep.

dragon knitter said...

i can help you get rid of the wool (evil grin, lol). i understand about that. i live in nebraska, so wool is more appropriate here, but still, it's been an amazingly warm winter after that first frigid blast the beginning of december. i'm wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.

as for the sourdough pancakes, i just bought a waffle iron yesterday, and we had waffles this morning. hmmm, i'm thinking . . .

dragon knitter said...

ok, i need a starter recipe too lol