Friday, February 24, 2006

After sleeping on it

Lakeview it is. I had concerns about the colors pooling too much with Tuscany - those colors are much stronger and I think I'd be happier with something more subtle. Then I added a skein of this, because Debi's cotton shawls have won me over, I must master lace. It may make me crazier than I already am, but it's so right for the climate. The Clapotis will be a fun project but as I said, I'll get to use it two weeks of next year. We are already past winter here, our latest "cold front" is going to drop our daytime temps all the way to...71. Better bundle up.


cat said...

Great choice, I love the Lakeview colors. I can't wait to see it knit up.

Debi said...

I love the Lakeview but would have chosen Tuscany! I think for a dramatic shawl like Clapotis, drama is perfect! Excuse for more yarn anyone? :)

You'll adore the blue heron and I will personally be your mentor/hand holder if you need me! Hell Catherine, I've taught sockknitting by phone so have NO FEAR!! Besides, you'll live in the thing come summer!

PS - Clapotis may be a twee name but it means wave in French, the place the designer Kate Gilbert was living when she designed it and she felt the dropped stitches formed "waves" of color!

Martha said...

Lakeview is beautiful. Cool choice.
I am getting itchy to try lace too - will be writing a post about that exact subject in the near future.

Catherine said...

Debi - I still love Tuscany, it's definitely more dramatic, but Lakeview is what everyone tells me are "my colors" that I should wear all the time, or so they say. We'll see how Lakeview goes, there is always more yarn out there. And I may take you up on lace knitting tutelage over the phone - but I suspect you can't teach me to focus any better over the phone (or in any other way). I understand the technique, I'm just hampered by my gnat-like attention span and tendency to multi-task. That's one reason I need to learn to knit lace - to learn to just do ONE thing!