Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Breakfast Cheesecake

Someone left a comment asking about the sweetness of the cheesecake and I can't find it now! Sorry 'bout that!

It's not overly sweet. It could be made sweeter just by bumping up the Splenda, but it is very much like any other crustless heavy cheesecake. The much lower fat content makes it a little drier (or maybe that was my cooking technique, maybe I left it in the oven too long)but Girl pronounced it tasty and we are both working our way through it. I am going to bring a piece to the office for a late breakfast this morning. It's worth trying, but the baking instructions do not work, you're on your own with that!

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Aria said...

lol - and here I was trying to figure out how to REDUCE the amount of splenda (because I'm overly sensitive to artificial sweeteners and find them always TOO sweet, and I'm the strange person that thinks Splenda, the "no aftertaste" sweetner has the worst aftertaste of all the artificial sweetners...)