Tuesday, February 28, 2006

FAT TUESDAY: Thank God Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Over!

I'm a soft touch. I used to be a Brownie leader, we did the cookie sales. Hint to other troop leaders - get yourself a Mercedes-driving MBA Corporate Working Mom as Cookie Mom like we had, or at least learn from her: Screw tables in front of the supermarket, where people are, duh, BUYING FOOD - that chick staked out the bank on Friday afternoons. We cleaned UP! It was like the Brownies were Hooters waitresses or something, the hungry young construction workers were waving money out their windows at the bank drive-through. And it always killed me when she pulled up and unloaded the cookies from her sleek black Mercedes. We WERE Troop Beverly Hills (white trash division).

So I am a total Girl Scout pushover, I bought cookies. Way too many. I've been depositing boxes of cookies in the kitchen at the office, where the skinny young things can eat them. It is a good thing, it brings fond memories, but I'm glad it's over. Because the Girl Scout Cookies give a whole new meaning to Fat Tuesday.

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