Friday, February 10, 2006

Five Things in My Fridge.

The meme du jour - five things in your fridge:
1. Diet Coke.
2. Publix Iced Tea. Unsweet.
3. Real Butter, because it's so worth it. Ditto Real Half and Half, because I'd rather ration it than use skim milk in coffee (barf).
4. Bottled Water, because Florida tap water is beyond disgusting.
5. Boneless, skinless frozen chicken breasts from Costco, because they are the base of many a diet dinner.

Tagged by Dianna. Who needs to go into my sidebar, but honestly, do you really pay attention to sidebars anymore? I have 65 blogs (not all knitting) I follow in Bloglines. I rotate blogs in my sidebar kind of randomly, but many of my favorites aren't in my sidebar. I need to reorganize.

Today was good. I took the afternoon off. It was Fuck It Friday - I made calls and nudged and pushed all the things I could, and then I realized that I would be pissing away yet another Saturday running errands tomorrow when I had time to do them this afternoon. It was well worth 4 hours of leave from my incredibly stingy employer. (Good with money, bad with time. You make good bucks but they want to own your body for those bucks.) I tended to the car and other things. It was well worth the 4 hours of leave burned. I went to the Disney store and replaced my ancient and very faded Pooh mug with the latest style - if you've never been to a Disney store or gift shop, let me clue you in: Disney's mugs are the BEST. I don't know where they get them, but they are big and thick and hold a good 12+ ounces of coffee, have comfortable handles and hold the heat because they are hefty and thick. My old Pooh mug dated back to when Girl was in 4th grade. It went to four employers with me until I deemed it too fragile for the office and retired it to the house. It's so faded you can barely make out the characters, but it is still my favorite. Now we have a new Pooh and a new Eeyore in the cabinet, 2 for $12, and so worth it.

Tonight I will crawl into bed, slathered in moisturizer because the humidity is 19% and I ITCH, and watch the Olympic opening ceremonies while finishing (maybe) the blue Lamb's Pride Dulaan hat. I'm changing my Special Olympics Challenge - after perusing the stash for charity worthy yarns, I realized that I could whip out maybe not 16, but possibly, oh, 4, maybe 6, Dulaan hats in schoolkid size during the Olympics.

Except for Monday and Tuesday, because that's Westminster. And the Winter Olympics can't compete with dogs in this house.

So, I'll have to run and tag Amie, Caroline, Martha, Bess and...Debi. Heh.


Catnc said...

Oh I so agree about Westminister, must watch those over the Olympics. My Mattie and Chantilly love seeing their Yorkie friends trotting around out there LOL.
By the way I enjoy your blog.

Catherine said...

I love the Yorkies, but I'm betting they never go play in the hose like the Murphinator. HE STINKS! I need to give him a major beauty treatment tomorrow, before his groomer charges me hazardous duty pay to pick out the Been Wrestling a Boston mats.

Debi said...

I love Westminister too! I love seeing all the different breeds especially the rare and uncommon ones! I wish they would televise the a cat show once in a while. I know it doesn't have the prestige of Westminister but they are very interesting. I've gone a couple of times in person and it's soo cool and interesting!

Thanks for the tag...I'll have to go screen what I'm willing to share :)

Ginnie said...

I don't usually watch the Westminster. SOme of those dogs just freak me out. I am a mutt girl.

As for the sidebar stuff, I read it on most of the blogs I read. When I am reading a blog written by a like minded person, I assume their list of blogs will frequently appeal to me, too. I think that is how I found you.

Amie said...

We frequently watch Westminster around here, though will never see a dog of Oscar's um. Caliber. But I'm a huge fan of Newfies and Cairns, and I cheer for beagles as well.

My favorite mug - I was just thinking of this reading Jane's blog - was a Disney mug that I had when I did the morning show. It was a Minnie -in curlers - mug that said "You think looking this good this early is easy?" And the mug literally held seven mugs worth of coffee (or any liquid, I suppose)

Sue Woo said...

I am not interested in the luge in my daily life I don't plan to change now. Not to take away from luge-doers, nothin' but love for ya.

I love the dog show too. I like trying to figure out which exact breeds are in my loved ones' ancestry.

Dianna said...

You are doing some serious dieting!