Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hormonally Challenged

Ah, this perimenopause thing, it's such a riot. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in, oh, 5 days now. Woke at 3:30, tossed and turned, gave up and got up. And I CANNOT STOP EATING!! I mean, I am really HUNGRY, not just eating out of boredom or habit. I woke at 3 a.m. with my stomach growling. This is crazy.

I swap email with my cousin in DC - we are a year apart in age (she's a year younger) and were often taken for sisters growing up. We are going through exactly the same weight gain and insomnia issues, and even though she runs marathons, we weigh exactly the same. Kinda creepy, that. Also depressing, if running marathons doesn't make a difference, what the hell am I supposed to do? Really does make me think about how much of who we are is coded into our DNA. She's coming down for a visit the weekend after this one and I'm SO excited! We talk via email often but hardly ever see each other face to face. Girlchild is taking off work and we're all off to St. Augustine for the weekend (Boy has been conscripted to house and dog sit).

So Debi the Enabler, who introduced me to Chez Casuelle, in conjunction with my out of control hormones will be entirely to blame when I place an enormously obscene order, including the Lion and Lamb in "Tuscany" that I really, really want for the Clapotis I will wear two weeks a year (unless I visit my cousins in DC more often! Hey!). I am way behind the Cool Knitters on the whole Clapotis thing but I've been holding out for the right yarn, and when I saw the Tuscany colorway I knew I'd found it. It's a special order item but that's okay, it gives me time to finish some other things and get some of that multi-project-ADD guilt off my shoulders.

I'm just chock full of cravings - food, wine, yarn - I'm going to be a fat broke drunk if I don't get control of the perimenopause madness.


Debi said...'ve finally succumbed to my evil plan!

Toots, trying becoming menopausal in ONE DAY and then we'll talk :)

caroline said...

ay, chica. Like Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate, let me whisper a word in your ear: Melatonin. I started with 1 mg tab per evening at bedtime. It wasn't a total solution but it sure did help. You can step it up as needed. It also helps with the sleeplessness that comes with age. Some 80+ year old friends of mine take about 5 mg. at bedtime and swear by it.
hope it helps!
btw, I don't always have to take it. Usually a few days of it breaks the pattern.
p.s. show us the colors...

Ginnie said...

That is my only real menopause complaint, the sleeping difficulty. I have never been a good sleeper, but now it is even worse. At least I don't have the hairy moles!!! Or mustach, oh, god, that would be the very end.

Amy said...

I've got a solution to the wool yarn thing. Living in Coastal South Carolina, I don't NEED wool and more wool in my stash... I WANT it. So, I'm thinking about getting a job farther north. I love the south and all, but if I lived up north I could have so much more wool to play with.

Catherine said...

Amy, I've thought about moving back to MD. It's a tough call since my job is so FL focused, it would not be an easy transition. But I could see myself retiring there. FL is too hot now. It's 80 in February.

Catherine said...

Melatonin! Do you have to use it for a while before it works? I tried it years ago and it didn't do much for me.

ChelleC said...

Catherine, I sure hear you on the perimenopause thing!!! Yep!!! It's terrible.

And Clapotis- I just made one a couple of months ago. It's a fun knit. Really fun! I'm thinking of making a second (smaller) one for spring because I did one that was full-sized and heavy for winter. I bet yours will be gorgeous.