Sunday, February 05, 2006

I was 5 years old

when The Feminine Mystique was published, and I've never gotten around to reading it. I intend to correct that lapse this week. The Girlchild has expressed interest as well, so I'm going to pick it up today, as my own tribute to Betty Friedan. I've never read it, but it influenced my life just the same. I owe the security and peace of mind I have today as a woman on my own in no small measure to the ground broken by women like Friedan in the 60s, when I was too young to be aware. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to this woman, who articulated the issues of her generation of women and in doing so, helped change the future for their daughters.

That Damn Shawl is done, it's in the wash right now. I'm going to run it through the dryer until nearly dry, then stretch it out on my yoga mat (the only blocking location I can think of right now) until it's fully dry. Girlchild says it is nice. I figure it'll get used once or twice a year - I mean, what was I thinking with that eggplant color?

I didn't find anything I wanted at the NSLYS. I fear she's succumbed to the demands of the market, more of her stock has shifted to pricey "novelty" yarns, ribbons and rayons and the like. Shawls and belts and scarves were the talk of the day, and I didn't find anything suitable for charity knitting at all. I try to buy locally, I really do, but the two local shops don't have that much of of what I need. Both are also prone to chatty squatter syndrome, in which the proprietor has difficulty disengaging from the women who just hang out there running their mouths to actually take a special order for an infrequent customer. Then there's the having to go back to the shop to pick up a special I shop online more than I'd like to, I'd love to support my LYS, but my time is worth money to me, too. If I can place an order online and that handsome guy in the brown shorts drops it off at my door a few days later it beats driving across town.

I think the next mindless movie project will be a baby blanket in Softball Cotton from the stash. I need to contemplate my next linen adventure for a bit. I'm leaning toward that Louet pattern, but Caroline had a good suggestion in my comments, and God knows I have a lot of patterns to choose from. Linen is floppy after washing so I'm leaning toward something unconstructed and loose, worn over a tank, but I have to think it over a bit more.

Yesterday I ran the streets, bought practically nothing, came home convinced shopping online is the only way to live. Today's mission is serious housework and the gym, and menu planning for the week. I'm giving the WW Flex plan another chance and upping my exercise. I considered switching to the Core plan, but realized that I am familiar enough with the principles of South Beach to design my own compromise diet. This week I will watch my portions and my points, and also focus my choices on low glycemic index lean proteins and vegetables. I need the flexibility - I eat with co-workers at least once a week and it's seldom diet-friendly. I just have to develop my own system for dealing with it.

After two days of torrential rain the sun will shine again today. Photos later.


caroline said...

let me know if you need that pattern mag with the pattern, 'K?

Geogrrl said...

I haven't read "The Feminine Mystique" yet, either. I'll get to it. I recommend Germain Greer's "The Female Eunuch". Her style is dry and a little long-winded, but her stuff is carefully researched and her point of view interesting. I've got GG's book "The Change" on my shelf right now, and when I feel more like reading I'll start it.

I know what you mean about the end of a project. I get to really detest what I'm working on when I'm in the throes of finishing. I can see the end, and I want it done NOW.

The other commenter is right--linen has a lot of lovely qualities, but unless blended with cotton or wool, tends to bag and sag. I'm considering a linen sweater for my DH, but I'm going to knit a swatch first and see how much it spreads after washing before designing. I ran across a photo of a roomy, comfy sweater he likes and I'm pretty sure I can design something very similar.

Janet said...

I've read part of _The Feminine Mystique_ (I went to a women's college; it seemed de rigeur) but now that I'm older I want to have another go. I remember talking with my mom about it when I started it and she kept saying, "It wasn't like that! It wasn't like that!" but that's another story...
I thought of you last night when I went to the mall to buy some work blouses. Granted, I am limited to plus-sized stores, but... I walked through Lane Bryant muttering, WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WEAR TO WORK? Everything was diaphanous and sparkly and sheer. Some of it was pretty, for party-wear or date-wear, but not really office-appropriate. I did find two things, but jeez. Online works -- I can hit six sites and each one might have one thing, but that increases my yield!
I love my LYS (Article Pract). I do shop online for large quantities of things, though; they're too small to have a whole wall of Lamb's Pride or Cascade 220. I hear ya, though. I like to support them when I can.

Catherine said...

I think I'm going to "go with the sag" with the linen and make the loose pullover from the Louet site (I can't remember what it's called) to wear over a tank. It's very J.Jill-ish.