Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's not Tuesday anymore.

Ahem. I apologize for leaving a "Tuesday" post up until Saturday - it's easier to hide blogslacking if you don't put the damn day of the week in the header.

It was a crazy busy work week, and in the evenings I was really crunching to finish that damn linen shawl. Yes, it's now That Damn Linen Shawl. I'm starting to hate the sight of it. I have a bad tendency to fall out of love with my projects as I get to the finish line, and I start second-guessing myself: "Why did I make this? Why this color? Will I ever use it?" I did enjoy making it, I do love linen, but right now I want it off the needles, through the washing machine, and probably folded in a drawer until it is called into service one of these days. Eh.

Our Team Building Day was hilariously awful. After weeks of cloudless skies and exquisite weather, we spent the day at a theme park in the pouring rain and under a tornado watch. It was not very much fun. At one point lightning hit INSIDE the park, so close to us we felt it. We had to switch parks because they shut the roller coasters down when it's stormy, so we were at the older, more sedate side of Universal. Most of the attractions are indoors so we did get to "do things," but it was "Eh." The Mummy roller coaster (an indoor coaster) is outstanding though, it was so cool all the women had to ride it twice in a row, and the upside of the lousy weather was that there were NO lines for anything, so we walked off, went back to the entrance and walked right back on again. (The big manly men with us could only tolerate one trip.) By 3:30 in the afternoon we were soaked like drowned rats and getting tired and cranky, so we called it a day.

WW Update: Eh. I went on the "Flex Plan" because I thought it would give me more (heh) flexibility in dealing with working lunches and such. The food is good, the recipes are excellent, and I am not losing weight. I am disappointed but sticking with it for another week, I've made some changes in my diet and I'm boosting the exercise and cutting out all alcohol and salty snacks even when they are low in points (the salty snacks thing is what's gonna kill me, I love salt). If another week of sincere effort doesn't do it I'm switching to the Core Plan, which is basically South Beach. I've paid for 3 months of WW online, mostly so I could glom lots of recipes, and I will stick with it, but I have to admit I'm disenchanted at this point. Maybe the weight loss fairy will suddenly whack me with her wand and I will drop 5 pounds in a week, but my goal of a 10 lb. loss in February ain't looking promising so far. I do feel healthier and I think I look better, but that is probably from paying more attention to my diet and drinking more water.

So far, February is shaping up as a big fat EH. But I'm working on making it better. Unfortunately for the blog, most of what is going on in my life right now is not blogfodder, because I am not one to post overly personal details. I am busy. I am feeling good about the future. Interesting things happen every day. But I can't share them yet.

The weather is utterly filthy today too, it's pouring and thundering even as I type, but I am getting out of the house and taking myself on an inspiration tour. I want to redecorate my bedroom, update my wardrobe, and of course, Florida-ize my yarn stash. I may not buy much today but I'm off to explore the possibilities, as soon as these wild thunderstorms let up a bit.


Bess said...

Hon if you are a salty sort - drink water - drink more water than they say. It is amazing what drinking water can do and how long the body holds weight till you soak it.

I agree too, the core plan is south beach. Not my idea of a good plan because I needed to quit feeling like I had to eat TONS to be satisfied, when I mostly was just hoarding - stashing food, evindently, like I stash yarn. I was more interested to see that a portion was about 1/3 of what I usually put on plates. I'd gotten so used to heaping plates for BD that my 4 cups of spaghetti looked like a small "normal" serving.

So portion control was my issue. Besides, I really like all foods and would be miserable if I had to "cut out" starches. I know you don't really have to do that, but you have to treat them like candy and I'd rather treat them like staff of life stuff.

Well sweetie - I wish you great luck. You actually might rather go to a meeting than do it on-line. Something about those folk looking at me that helps me walk the walk. Oddly, these dear folk are not people I'd otherwise ever get to know - sorta like going to the laundromat - but I've gotten really fond of them.

Whew! chatty today, aren't I?

Catherine said...

I've been doing the portion control, in fact, during the week it's so busy I rely on a lot of WW frozen meals (automatic portion control). Portion control used to be my downfall too, for the same reason - filling plates for big-eating man. That is no longer an excuse. I'm going to give the Flex plan another week, because it is more convenient for me, but I really think my body just doesn't play well with too many carbohydrates, and if I cut them a bit everything works more efficiently.