Saturday, February 18, 2006

Man, It's Hot. It's, Like, Africa Hot.

It's FEBRUARY. I'm knitting with wool and feeling like I should just bag this knitting thing altogether and find another hobby, more suitable for this climate. Maybe learning to breathe underwater.

Update to the breakfast cheesecake recipe, should anyone consider trying it: the cooking time given and oven temperature is, as one may suspect if one has ever made a cheesecake, bogus, unless one is using some sort of giant springform pan that creates a cake 1/2 inch thick. In my large springform pan it took much, much longer, and I finally kicked the temp up to 350 and just baked the sucker until it was delicately golden and - and this is a good thing in a cheescake - no longer a LIQUID. It's good, and looks and tastes like a cheesecake. I'm not entirely sure about the "breakfast" concept, but I could see this with fruit and coffee, it has a kind of cheese-danish-substitute appeal.

Another thing that had appeal - the carnations I brought home from the office. Boris found them on the bathroom vanity, where I'd put them for safekeeping. He knocked them over trying to eat them, and Dudley and Murphy had a party. Murphy, who is so damn picky he rejects nearly all dog foods and many people foods, EATS CARNATIONS. Like they are chunks of filet mignon! The roses had finally wilted and the carnations were destroyed, so that's it for fresh flowers around these parts for a while. We're all about gracious living at the house of the bossy dogs, from our floral salads to our frosted cat snot windows. I'm expecting an offer from the cable "fine living" channel any day now.


vi said...

wait a minute
have I died and gone to heaven
please please please
revive me
cause you know i loves me some cheesecake....( as long as it isn't chocolate)

who just fainted

Catherine said...

See the link below - just ignore the baking instructions because it turns out like cheesecake soup. I baked it at 350 until it looked done.

Ginnie said...

Ah, the life of dog moms. Don't they eat the most innapropriate thing? One of mine just ate Harry Potter. She is particularly fond of pricey books, and post-it notes.

How sweet was the cheescake? I am trying to reduce my massive sugar consumption. I know it has Splenda, but just wondered if it tasted really sweet.

Amie said...

Oooh... yeah, that's real nice, Catherine. Give a gal who had a rough week and is still eating soft foods a recipe for cheesecake... and I don't have an oven... Don't suppose you're taking mail order for leftovers?

Oscar only eats dog and cat food, but only when it's in his food bowl. He does eat occasional treats - those only when handed to him by me (eat off the floor? do you think he's some kind of animal???) and then only inside. If I hand him a treat outside he will politely take it between his front teeth without closing his lips around it and then spit it on the ground. God knows we didn't teach him this behavior.

Janet said...

ROTFLMHO! Sorry about your flowers, but I love the description of gracious living Chez Bossy Dog(s). Animals have the quirkiest tastes. Simone likes to chew plastic -- the clasps on backpacks and the like -- or any protruding bit of leather, like a handbag handle. Whereas Boo leaves everything but food alone -- although, if she can see the bottom of her bowl, it's empty.

When I was little, I thought I'd figured out how to breathe underwater. Let me know how that goes for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've known one other dog that ate carnations. One of his family tasted the petals, and pronounced them "all right". I doubted his credibility before then....

vi said...

I got the recipe
thank you so much
damn.....when can I do this

I MUST have breakfast cheesecake......I must
there is no alternative

ps: what can I do with 3 eggs a day..... soon to be 4?
one can only make so much rice pudding and custard