Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh, and since I tweaked WW

to do it my way, I've dropped a half pound a day this week. All I want is 2 lbs. a week, I'm not greedy, but if 10 want to leave fast I won't bitch.

Though today was a BAD diet day - I don't expect to see a half pound gone in the morning, in fact, I will hide from the scale for 48 hours. I ate lunch with the Guy Formerly Known As Boss and with our Favorite South Florida Lawyer who was in town. South Florida Boy was so cute - we had to change restaurants (the one we'd planned to meet at had a half hour wait at lunch!) and he jumped out of their car and into mine: "I'll ride with Catherine!" I miss these guys. I consider myself a very lucky paralegal in that the lawyers I've worked with almost always became my friends and always greet me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Knowing the lawyer pool and witnessing the very real horror stories up close and personal, I know how very lucky I've been.

Blew the WW points out of the water, but it was fun to see South FL Boy and he bought my lunch, not that he can't afford it since his name is on the door of a cush Coral Gables firm. He's a sweetie. I do miss litigation. I know what I'm doing has a lot more growth potential, but I miss litigation.

Funny from today:

Guy I work with says, "I need to teach you to read an environmental report so you can review these."
Me: "I know how to read an environmental report. I did it for years."
He was so thrilled, it was so cute. Dude. I can also diagnose a sinkhole on a geotech report. How hot am I NOW, baby? You want me, don't you? Just get me out of this paralegal pink straightjacket and I'll take care of (all of those nasty reports for) you. Ooh, baby, give me those phase one environmentals.

I really do value my eclectic background. Though I may get exasperated with the job, I have to admit, I'm where I'm needed.


Dianna said...


Missing litigation? I know of an paralegal job that will be open in the near future. (hahaha)

Amie said...

Oooohh... Oh, yeah... Diagnose that sinkhole, baby. Yeah... diagnose it right there..... Mmmmmm...

Oh, sorry.


Debi said...

How can I top Amie's comment? :)

Isn't it nice to be appreciated?

Catherine said...

Ooh, baby, I know what those guys REALLY want! (And it's a woman who can read all those boring reports for them - hey, those guys are over 40 too.)

ChelleC said...

I love the idea you had about tweaking the WW diet with the points AND tryng to stay mostly "on Core" but using the points to keep you on track. I lost 7 lbs but then have kept at the same weight for 3 weeks in a row, so maybe I'll try that too. Congrats on making progress. Just keep on keep'n on. Chelle