Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On the Job Front

I now report directly to the president of the company. This should be fine - I really like him, he's smart, down to earth, and has a very quick, dry sense of humor. I think we'll get along. I also like his management style: "You people know what you're doing. Keep doing it." I can do that.

So, we'll see what the next few months brings. Could be good. Could be a spectacular crash-and-burn. Won't be boring.

Right now I'm going to take to the couch and start the Clapotis. Ooooh.


jessie said...

First of all (and I say this as a Clapotis-knitter and -wearer), "starting a Clapotis on the couch" sounds like something teenagers do when the adults aren't home. The word just makes me giggle.

Good for you and your job. I have found working for men usually easier than working for women because they tend to be less micromanagers and don't succumb to the emotional crap that women can bring to a job. (Note to all: This is a generalization that applies to my experience; YMMV) The hysterics! I had a great woman boss, who managed all female employees. She was kind and sensitive and though very capable, she definitely allowed the emotional stuff to get in the way. (I mean, the employees were always crying/fighting/making up and every day was a crisis of some sort.) When she went on leave to take care of her dying father all summer, the head of the board of directors came in. A man. His usual response to the histrionics was, "Okay, deal with this and get back to me." It was great. The girls didn't know what to do without the power of the trembling lip. But amazingly all the crises got handled.

Catherine said...

We are histrionics-free, and I don't think her management style is necessarily gender-related but I will admit that I found her management style "challenging." We all did - those departmental meetings left big, burly men like limp dishrags. She's really good at what she does, but damn, it did take it out of us. If that changes it will improve my working quality of life.