Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday's Off and Running

This is in the oven.

When it's done I'm off on the errands marathon. I am determined to make time to drag out the sewing machine so, I think one of the stops will be JoAnn's for some fabric shopping. I've lined up a painter who will do my bedroom as soon as I have the money (not in the immediate future) and I'm starting to shop around for makeover ideas. I want Color.

It's going to be 81 degrees today. We had just enough of a cold snap to damage some of the flowering plants, and I need to trim some brown stuff off the blue daze. The plants are still alive but their tops are brown. They'll come back, and next time I will be sure to cover the poor things. I doubt there will be a next time this year - it's possible to get a freeze into March, but it hasn't happened in several years. The weather is making me think gardening - as much as I ever think of it, which is "not much." I do want to add some flowering plants in pots. That's as close as I like to get to actual gardening.

The trees in the side yard are bare, and the brilliant sunlight illuminates the many smears of cat snot on the windows. "Clean windows" goes onto the To Do List.


needlefingers said...

If you haven't left for JoAnn's yet, I was at one yesterday and got a very cute tin with 'knitting girl' on it (inside are sugar-free green apple mints, but that's beside the point). It would make a very neat stitch marker or safety pin holder.

Amie said...

Ahh... you don't like the cats' homemade prisms? They're trying to give you that color you want!