Tuesday, February 07, 2006


So, the same day I concluded that WW's Flex plan wasn't working, ChelleC wrote about returning to WW for the Core plan. She also has a Franklin planner and a fixation about bags. Another kindred soul!

And I neglected to mention that the great Sue Woo of KR has a blog.

And now it's time to go work on the blue Dulaan hat. Here's to surviving Tuesday.


Sue Woo said...

Dag C, you're gonna make me cry! Thanks!

Have you seen Dr. Ann Kulze's book http://www.dranns10steps.com/. I really like the information and her tips. I've lost about 10 pounds and I don't find it hard to follow. One day in yoga the teacher said "Thank your body for supporting your soul in this lifetime". It helped me be more forgiving to the pore thing.

Happy Wednesday.

ChelleC said...

Yeah, the points just aren't cutting it for me anymore. But as a friend of mine pointed out yesterday, those of us that are in our 40s need to exercise too, and I haven't been doing nearly enough of that! So that's what I need to focus on, as well as keeping good foods cut up and available for me to snack on. And trying new recipes, etc. is inspiring too. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! How sweet. Good luck on your Core. Chelle