Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shopping Happy Dance!

I had no idea that the sorry-ass mall in Sanford (Seminole Town Center) which has languished in "where old people go to sit on benches" world for years, had such a revival in the past year. I say, Brothers and Sisters, it has been Born Again unto a place worth the short drive. The outlying areas have opened, including Super Target (Let me have an A-MEN for the Super Target!) and World Market. World Market is going to have to be a bi-monthly wine destination. Prices are a good buck lower on many things and the selection is offbeat and eclectic. I just have to try a wine called Red Truck. I may have to learn how to remove and save wine labels, because yes, I am a visual type and I buy wine because it has an artsy fun label, not because Winesnot Weekly recommended it. I'm glad to be of good working class stock - my wine taste is cheap and humble. And I also love the teas and coffees and cute home decor things. So that was my happy find of the day - I also found the lost Old Navy that used to be up there in a different outparcel. It's now in the golden corner, with Super Target, World Market and Petco. My shopping life just got more efficient and gas-saving. Whoo.

I finished the blue Lamb's Pride Dulaan hat, and I'm about an inch and a half into a red one. God, I do love Lamb's Pride, it's so sensual it's like knitting with buttercream frosting.


Geogrrl said...

Amen, Sister!

KatyaR said...

try have something called "label savers" that will remove the labels without damaging them. They're kinda expensive, but I want to try them. They also have these cool bulletin boards and trays that you can line with your own corks.

I, too, am really getting into wine. I went on a shopping spree after Christmas and now have almost 50 bottles. I need a bigger wine rack!! There's a lot of really good wine out there that's not that expensive, and I have a hard time saying no to a sale!

Bess said...

I love good wine. I love good cheap wine. I love it when i find a new good cheap wine. :D

But I guess I would love good expensive wine too - but it has to be good first. and good to me, not good to someone else.

Hey - we got snow.

Martha said...

Let's hear it for good red wine w/a cool label (I like good labels too) & a good price.
A super Target - lucky you!
And yes to Lamb's Pride - great yarns.
Way to go for the Dulaan projects - after my Olympic Knitting Project, I am getting back to doing more Dulaan hats & scarves.

Amie said...

I'm a pretty-wine-label gal myself.

And Bess is right. We got snow. We got snow that is exactly as deep as a pitbull's hoo-ha.

Catherine said...

We are having a couple of days of near-freezing, possibly freezing temps at night (during the day it's reasonable, like in the 50s) and the weatherbunnies are carrying on like it's Armageddon, when it used to be normal to have a few freezing days during the winter. How is Oscar adjusting to the hoo-ha-high snow?

Sue Woo said...

I got a cute flip-flop candle to match my tropical bathroom decor at World Market. Too cute. Wine is yummy.

ChelleC said...

Yes Lamb's Pride is my all time favorite "staple" yarn to just keep in the closet. It's very versatile, too, working for a wide variety of projects. Aren't hats fun to do when you want a quick project fix? Chelle