Sunday, February 05, 2006

That Damn Shawl is DONE! I really do like it, it is just the right size and shape (considering I guesstimated the whole damn thing). I used almost 4 skeins of Euroflax Linen in Eggplant. If I had it to do over again I'd go up to a size 6 needle and use anything but Eggplant.


Geogrrl said...

Put it away in a drawer and let it age a few months. You'll like eggplant again when you take it out. :-D

Debi said...

I think it's stunning and honestly, it's actually pretty neutral as I think you could pair it with just about any color depending if you wanted drama (paired with say yellow or orange) or professional (paied wth navy, black or charcoal)I think it's a really nice all around shawl you can dreas up or down!

Martha said...

Ms. C,
I agree w/the above comments: this is a beautiful shawl. The color is wonderful & you will look fabulous in it.