Friday, February 24, 2006

Yarny Wonderfulness on the Way

I nearly drove to Leesburg to get it. But I stopped myself - it's really a bit far as an impulse trip when I do have other things to do. It will ship tomorrow and I'll have it Monday. I don't need my gratification to be THAT instant.

Carla is,as Debi reported, VERY nice. I placed my order early this morning, and by the time I got to work I already had a message from her that the Blue Heron color I'd ordered was out of stock, and suggesting substitutes (or she'd order it). The substitutes were two colors I'd also considered, so it was no problem to switch to Deep Water.

I am so glad it's Friday - I have my usual to-do list, but it's not that onerous and I plan to spend a good chunk of the weekend knitting, listening to audio books, and going for long walks before it's too hot to do so. I want to knock out the latest Dulaan hat, the front of the little purple sweater, and psych myself to master lace by reading lots about it.

I managed to dunk Feminine Mystique in the tub this morning (reading while shower was warming up, don't ask me how I managed to drop the book) but it will live. I'm on the chapter about how housework expands to fill the time alloted for it. Boy is that ever true. Some of the weirdest posts on the Mommy Wars board were the ones insisting working mothers can't spend ANY time with their children because when they get home they have all that housework to do! You know, I just don't remember it that way! I remember housework getting done - throw in a load of laundry, throw stuff in the dishwasher, etc. - but I don't remember not spending time with my kids because of it - and I was there, so I think I would have noticed if it had been onerous and exhausting. Granted, I was not an obsessive housekeeper, and apparently one of the keys to a happy working mom is a husband who recognizes that the house belongs to him, too and does his share without acting like he's doing his wife a favor - he actually liked housework more than I did. But whatever.

Did you know that most men really prefer to have their wives at home? That's news to me too, I certainly never got that impression from the men I worked with - if their wives stayed home, it was her choice, he was going along with it. I know the more money I made, the happier my husband was - every upward move for me meant less pressure on him as breadwinner. But whatever.

Oh, and yesterday I mentioned the "all the educated mommies are staying home!" thing from FM - damned if I didn't see someone on that board say exactly that! Obviously it's the right thing to do, if all the really educated mommies are doing it, the less educated ones should imitate their "betters," even if it is "a struggle," and "a SACRIFICE!" Oy. Invest in "Mother's Little Helpers" stock - everything old is new again.


Debi said...

I'm glad the experience was good!

I have deep water in stash too :)

I'm glad to send Carla business, she's a hunny!

Sue Woo said...

Deep Water is stunning. I love Blue Heron.

AND of course men want a wife at home. Shit, I want somebody at home waiting dinner for me when I get done!

Catherine said...

But this wasn't the men actually saying it - it was the women saying the men want it. The men I've worked with - when the subject comes up - say it's their wives who want to stay home. Of course, if I could get a wife for free, I'd sign up for one!

Catherine said...

Carla is great, and I was sorely tempted to drive to Leesburg tomorrow, but it's really a haul "right up the road" and I have other things I have to get done. But once the shop is open I will schedule it.

Carla said...

Thank you for your support!

I moved from Chicago almost 2 years ago and it is my mission to find the best yarns (especially handpainted ones) that can be worn on even the hottest days.

To thank you, and Debi, and your readers, I am setting up a special 20% discount coupon code: "floridaknitter" on the Chez Casuelle web site that will be valid until May 31. You can also use it at the store (when I finally get it set up and open). Just mention the code or the Florida bloggers.

Thanks again!

Catherine said...

Carla - as we say in my office to give tribute to someone who goes above and beyond: "YOU ROCK!"