Friday, March 03, 2006

Afflicted with a bad case of Clapotis

Less computer time in the evening has translated to more knitting time (not more exercise or housework time,which is what I really needed). I'm making good progress on the Clapotis (and I know it's a French word, but it looks funny stuck in the middle of an English sentence and triggers a middle-schooler urge to snicker like it's dirty). This is a great pattern, just enough interest to make it fun to knit but not enough to make it frustrating, and I'm glad I held off for the Lion and Lamb. I'm less sure of the Lakeview colorway - it's nice, but it knits up with less blue and green than it looked in the skein, and more violet and gold. It's very pretty but I'm kinda wishing I'd followed my first impression and gone with the Tuscany. This would be fabulous on a blonde, but I'm not a blonde. You know I'm going to order more L&L in the Tuscany and make another. I absolutely adore this yarn, it's heaven to knit, it has such a rich sheen and it's so easy on my carpal-tunnel-afflicted hands. The colors are so rich, they form such subtle, shifting colors when knitted, I am now a Lorna's Laces fan for life. Expensive, yes, but hot damn it's worth it. It makes Noro Silk Garden seem like knitting with dull steel wool.

But right now i'm a little worried about not having enough yarn for this thing. I have 3 skeins of Lion and Lamb, which is exactly what is called for in the pattern, but I'm most of the way through skein one and I'm just finishing the increase section! You Clapotis knitters - is this how it goes - the first increases eat a lot of yarn, then it consumes less for the balance of the pattern? I'm thinking that's probably the case, because once the stitch dropping starts I imagine the shape changes and elongates more, but right now I'm thinking I'd feel better if I had a spare skein on hand. I may have to send an SOS to Carla later today.

I'll try to post a progress picture tomorrow morning. Girl and I are off to St. Augustine to meet up with my cousins for a day of shopping, eating and drinking to excess tomorrow, so I have many tasks to get through this evening after work, to leave this house in a decent condition so I don't come home Sunday afternoon to a mess and an evening of chores before the next work week starts. I may bring the Clapotis to work on Sunday morning, but probably not - I'm not sure a pattern that requires concentration will work with the hangover I anticipate.

Please wish a happy 80th birthday to my mother, who does not read this blog (as far as I know) but could use some good birthday vibes anyway!


Amie said...

Happy Birthday, Catherine's mom!

Amy said...

I did my clapotis with LL's (colorway Bucks Bar) and I was worried about running out of yarn too. Just remember to skip one repeat of section 3 and you should have enough to finish. I finished with 4 yards of yarn left!!(talk about being nervous).
Of course, if you decide to get an extra skein you can knit it to the length it was designed to be!!! Have lots of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Catherine's Mom.
Your blog is always so informative and I love to read it. I do have one question. What is a clapotis??
Thanks a lot. Dee

Debi said...

I can't wait to see it! And I think you need the Tuscany too :)

You can email the Clapotis designer directly here:

And ask her about yardage.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS - I'm so glad to hear you really enjoying your knitting :)

Kirsten said...

Hi Catherine,

I made the Clapotis last year (in L&L) and I did need a fourth skein to complete the project as written. I enjoyed knitting every stitch, although it did take some prodding when it came time to drop the stitches......) Happy Day to your Mom!