Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Only Wednesday?

The work week is getting very long, full and exhausting, and the boss isn't even officially gone yet. It was a difficult re-entry after the brief St. Augustine respite - I had just enough of a taste of what I want to make coming back to what I have unpleasant. My cousin L had the same re-entry, we swapped email yesterday and she's back at work, wondering if the willful mismanagement of our federal government may have a faint silver lining if it allows her to take an early out in a budget cut. She'd still work, of course, she's a year younger than I am - but now she has to worry about these criminals stealing her pension. My dad is a retired federal employee. So is my cousin C. This issue is very close to us. Federal employees generally earn less than their counterparts in the private sector and often work in unglamorous conditions, and traditionally the government attracted good people with the security of the retirement system. Kiss that goodbye.

Meanwhlie, back at the Clapotis - I've dropped three stitches so far and I'm barely into the second skein, so maybe three skeins really will be enough. The emergency skein I ordered from Carla at Chez Casuelle remains untouched as I wait to see if I'll need it. I may exchange it for yarn for the next Clapotis, in a more dramatic colorway. This Lakeview is very pretty but not really my color after all.

I love the stitch dropping process but I do hold my breath each time that I didn't f-up and accidentally cross a stitch in the wrong spot somewhere way back down there. I tend to have those moments of inattention when knitting. This is why complicated lace kicks my ass.

Stitches don't drop all that easily in Lion and Lamb, they actually take some coaxing as the soft yarn sticks to itself. It's ironically unlike accidentally dropping a stitch and helplessly watching it race away - these require prodding and tugging to drop. I still haven't dug up the rechargeable batteries for the camera, so it's looking like there won't be pictures until Saturday, but then I promise bunches.


Ginnie said...

My dad was career military, and died just following the Reagan era. The Repubs give such great lip service to supporting our troops, but that doesn't carry over to what was promised them. Especially, after they are done being used. Their pay sucks, and their retirement is being chipped away in pretty big chunks.

caroline said...

Can't wait to see the results of the ripping. and I hope that you will be able to say no to what may be overload at the office. your boss's departure is not a sign to double your work with or without doubling your pay. and perhaps her departure puts you in a stronger bargaining position??? just sayin'.
p.s. oh, that face in the last post...!