Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More thoughts.

I need a better camera. Those pictures don't begin to do justice to the actual image I was trying to capture, but my camera is a Kodak digital point-n-shoot, and between its inability to capture an accurate blue, its suckage indoors with a flash, and now this, I do believe my birthday present to me should be good digital SLR.

Monday at work - my boss is making her exit, turning over more and more responsibilities. It's going to be interesting. Can't tell whether that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. Her job burned her out and parts of it are becoming my job. Why doesn't this give me a totally warm fuzzy feeling? We'll see how it works out.

I came back to work yesterday with a new goal in mind - to move to North Florida in the next year or two. Unlike a huge leap to move back to MD, this feels right. I have done enough work on matters in North Florida that it's not an alien world to me, my Florida-based construction knowledge still "works" there, and I'm loving being in touch with my cousins again. I'd be closer to C, and L is also obsessed with moving down in the next couple of years. We don't have to live on top of each other, but close enough for holidays, like when we were kids, would be great. But mostly I love that part of the state - it has a real "big city" (Jacksonville), nice beaches, less congestion, a bit more of a change of seasons (I know, I know....). So I think I have a goal. It's funny, because last year, on my birthday in June, I said I was giving Florida a year to change my mind or I was leaving. I'm thinking my mind has been changed.

Cutting back on computer time has been good, but I'm missing comments and not responding timely. Someone asked about the Clapotis. I'm marveling at the cleverness of this pattern, and I'm really enjoying knitting it, even if, in retrospect, Lakeview is not my color. I've dropped two stitches so far, and I'm finishing the first skein, so maybe, just maybe, 3 skeins will be enough, but the 4th "emergency backup skein" should be here today just in case. I am surprised by the size of this thing, though I shouldn't be since I've seen finished ones all over the Net - it's definitely more than a scarf. I know that Saturday night around 9 p.m., when I was standing in the wind by the Castillo, I really wished it was done and wrapped around me. My passion for Lion and Lamb just keeps growing - the sheen of this yarn, the softness, it's just decadent.

The lousy camera's batteries are dead so I have to find the rechargeables this morning and get it charged up today, I'll try to take a picture after work, but it may be this weekend before I can - and by then it may be done. I feel like I'm losing touch with the blogworld (and KR) a bit, but I'm making up for it with more productivity so it's not all bad.

Though I'm not doing the 40 Days for Others thing officially (see link below) I did cast on another Dulaan hat over the weekend. I wake up way earlier than my cousins (and am a lousy sleeper in general, but that's for another post) and I started a hat before venturing out in search of a latte early on Sunday. It's the same "boring" pattern I always use, from Cottage Creations - a 4x4 ribbed cap with a deep folded-up brim. It's not exciting but it's solid ear protection, and my ears are always cold so I project this on others, especially kids.

Shower, eat something, hurry to work. Bleh.


Bess said...

Ha! I know you just want a reason to knit with wool. :D

Truth? I would ADORE visiting a knitting chick in St. Augustine. Or even near it. I believe there is even a fairly good fiber show in Jacksonville - or near there. even some (gasp) spinners!!

Geogrrl said...

Hon, when something feels right, it feels right. I think you've made a good decision. This also sounds like the time to take your work in another direction, and wanting to do this move will help you accomplish that.

I was listening to Episode 6 of Cast-On, called "Pulling a Geographic". I thought I and my mother were one of the few people that do this, but she described exactly how I feel. The feeling that to progress, to move on, you have to go to another place--sometimes far away--and your gut tells you it's right. Some people accomplish the same thing by rearranging the furniture--think of this as Extreme Furniture Arranging.

Ginnie said...

We are at an age of change. Yours came earlier, perhaps, than you would have planned, but maybe a new change will do you good. I am just about to prepaper to sell my house and my business and move to a medium sized town/city, from a town of 100. I am feeling all aflutter over then possibililties. A lovely, fresh start.

I am in love with Dudley, just so you know!