Thursday, March 09, 2006

A New Definition of Insanity?

The weatherbunnies predict a near record high temperature for tomorrow - 86 degrees. And Catherine obsessively knits her Clapotis. This sort of project monogamy is not my style, yet, here I am, hopelessly hooked, knitting away on something I can't use for many months. I am fascinated by the pattern, it's so much fun. I'm in love with the yarn. I can't put the damn thing down when I'm home. I'm out of my mind. And my obsessed, warped mind is misfiring random thoughts as I knit, like:

Sometimes I'm really grateful I'm not living with a man, like when I put on one of those L'Oreal Revitalift masks. This is not something a man really needs to witness, but boy do they make my skin look and feel good!

I really need to spend some serious time on housework, give this place a good spring cleaning, maybe when the Clapotis is done. Or not.

I hate the morning news morons. Why don't I change the channel? (I'd have to put down the Clapotis, that's why.) Why do they "tease" every little bit of non-news in exactly the same stupid, grating way? What ever happened to declarative sentences? Did they drop those classes in journalism school to make room for more seminars on the use of lip gloss? They speak in sentence fragments: "What firefighters did to put out the brushfire." "How a state trooper chased a driver, leading to a crash." And the phrase "We'll tell you...." No, really? I thought you were going to sit there and pick your noses. Every time they say it, it's like the scritch of fingernails on a blackboard to me.

Girlchild did the math and realized she's graduating in August. I am going to have to throw a hell of a party for her. Not that she's done with school - she's still doing the coin toss between law school and a grad degree in psych. I'm voting for the psych degree - she'd make a hell of a lawyer, but I really don't know very many lawyers who are happy with their career choice.

And now I've screwed around until I'm running late again, so I better get moving.


Sue Woo said...

Contact me if Girl has questions about a psych career!

Bess said...

Nothing like a love affair with a yarn and a pattern to keep a girl from doing housework. They will still respect you in the morning!

Ginnie said...

My personal pet peeve with the newsfolk is "The family of the victim speaks out" "The woman hit by a car Speaks out for the first time, right here" How about just plain SPeaks, people, or maybe, talks. Someone talks. Sort of a flavor of National Enquirer.

You are good. I can't knit if it gets warmer than 40 degrees. I just lose interest. Till next year!

Cheryl Fuller, Ph.D. said...

These days a lot of psychologists are unhappy also -- not so much because of career choice but what has happened to the career because of mangled care.

Zippianna said...

Catherine, try looking out the window at something nice to contemplate. Who cares what the news room is doing to jack the ratings? Let them all come in with green faces for the talking heads parts, as if they had just came off a night reconn. Now that would interesting to watch. It also might help us all get over the words and cutesie news come ons. Ya think? Lella who doesn't care what they do, she won't watch them anymore anyway.

ChelleC said...

When they harass the victims and families of crimes or tragedy just to get a "story" and turn it into a ratings hike, that's what ticks me off beyond belief. Why don't they leave those folks in peace? Chelle