Sunday, March 05, 2006

This Weekend I Officially Fell in Love....

with St. Augustine. I want to move there. Seriously. I realized that Orlando is the reason I'm sick of Florida - I'm not sick of the state, I'm sick of Orlando. I don't have to leave, I just have to move to a coastal town in North Florida - then I'll love Florida again. Pity there are no jobs there.

I've been to St. Augustine at least a half dozen times, maybe a dozen, they blur together, over the last 25 years. I don't know what was different about this trip - maybe because I wasn't traveling with kids, maybe because I got to get up early and walk around by myself this morning, but I could definitely live there. It has a fair-sized tourist element, for sure, but it's not totally given over to t-shirt shops and schlockiness or timeshares. And I remember how nice it is to live someplace you can WALK and get a cup of coffee. I walked my feet off this weekend and loved it. I miss walking.

I'll upload a few photos now and fill in more details later. The walking and sunshine have taken it out of me. I'm gonna curl up and veg.


Janet said...

I'm glad you're still posting, Lent or no. To be honest, I enjoy your writing more than some who live off their blog. Just sayin'. ;-)

Catherine said...

Oh, you're so sweet - if I could find another 20,000 like you I could quit my job and become a professional blogger in St. Augustine. Hmmm, now that sounds like a job worth working toward!