Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm officially tired of Microsoft.

I've been very patient, it has been like sticking with a long, mediocre marriage where the parties have too much invested to call it quits, but I've had it. Bill, I want a divorce. I've had more stupid problems with this XP Upgrade than I've had in 20 years of daily computer use. I screwed with it all day and it is still not right, still not talking to my Dell Axim, and I'm sick of thinking about it. I still haven't taken my new camera out of its box because I've been trying to make this damn thing work and play with the printer and the PDA without bitching and barfing, without success. I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm going Mac for Christmas. This thing is old enough to retire. If it was a horse I'd shoot it.

Speaking of bitching and barfing, Girlchild has a wicked, wicked stomach virus. I hope it's just my mind playing tricks on me and sympathetic urpy-ness, but I am feeling increasingly icky myself. I just hope it's short and violent if I get it, because the funeral is Tuesday.

Actual knitting content. Shocking, I know.

I bought myself another birthday present - two Garnstudio Drops magazines. I love them more than Rowan, and way more than any US company. I bought No. 69 and No. 81. All that summery wearable goodness, and more than one long office cardigan in the bunch.

And I found the pattern for the Helen's Lace in Watercolors that I bought at the very dangerous Chez Casuelle. I'm going to do it in the Huck Lace from the Morehouse Merino Knits book. It will show off the colors gorgeously instead of losing them in a busy pattern.

Poor Girlchild is so sick. I hope I'm not next.


caroline said...

where did you find the Drops books???
tell, tell...
I hope Girlchild feels better soon and that the big urp misses you entirely. And may the funeral be peaceful for you.

Catherine said... - I can't find them locally but I've ordered from this place before.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I haven't dropped by lately. Sorry for all the stress you've been under and wishing you some much deserved peace.

Patti (

Geogrrl said...

Ooh, I do love the Garnstudio patterns. The Rowan tend to be much of a muchness, but the Garnstudio are classic and modern at the same time.

Hope the flu bug (if it is so) lasts only a very short time.

Geogrrl said...

I see they also sell the Gedifra pattern books--another winner in designs, IMHO. I don't read German, but this is their site. You can view the photographs from their current books.

jessie said...

Now you did it. I went to the Drops site (81) and found the very chunky, very casual zip hoodie I've been wanting for myself forever. Best part: yoke is worked in one piece so NO raglan seams to make up at the end.

I am so making this.

otherJanet said...

I've been away for a couple days and missed all the action. You're my new hero. You're really amazing.

I've been reading your blog since you went through this funeral business the last time. I can't believe that was almost 3 years ago. I've been trying to think of something nice to say (aside from the hero comment) but all I can think about is--where in the hell have the past three years gone?

Debi said...

I've decieded my next puter will be a Mac too! Gateway has made me cry and tear my hair just one too many times! I'm DONE!!

I hope Girlchild feels better and your immunity kicks in :)

You're in my thoughts Catherine!

Aria said...

Catherine - I know down below you said you didn't want any "warm fuzzy sympathy" - so I hope this isn't that - but I did want to let you know that I will be thinking of you... (My own only slightly less dramatic (but quite a bit less serious) crazy life had kept me from checking anything on the internet since last Wednesday - thus why this is somewhat belated (even though I know that you can use the good thoughts now and in the future, as well as you could have used them last week =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all this - I've been internet -restricted for a while. I'm glad to hear you have a good handle on this (for lack of a better way to put it).

KnitNana said...

I'm just touching base again and learning of your sorry things were so unpleasant for you and so sorry (yes) for your loss. I understand about dysfunctional families, but still..
Hope you get the rest you need and that you don't get grl-child's bug!