Monday, June 26, 2006

Random Things.

M. Kane Jeeves is the bestest!

I'd never heard of Rockridge Institute, this is one of those "follow the links" finds, but I read George Lakoff's book "Don't Think of An Elephant." It's a great book, and very, very infuriating, because it made me realize how we were set up and conditioned to accept the neocon position by the clever use of language. Say what you will about Chubby Butt Karl, he is a freaking genius. Of course, so were several of Hitler's buds.

Take this newly minted hysteria about "illegal aliens." I can't be the only one old enough to remember when they were "undocumented workers." Workers who are here working at jobs without the proper papers, because, you know, that describes what they are. Now they are Illegal Aliens! "Illegal" makes them criminals, and Aliens - well hell, didn't Sigourney Weaver fight those scary bastards in that movie? It's designed to trigger a "get mah shotgun" response. Meanwhile, our borders at both ends have been merrily leaking like a sieve since 9/11 and nobody in BushCo gave a shit until his poll numbers tanked and gay marriage didn't get much traction and they needed a new demon to demonize.

I posted the above link on KR and it lured out a predictable response. Did you know that Republicans respresent "the little guy" and progressives are actually a bunch of smartypants socialists? One can just sigh. Of course, I visited this poster's blog and read that she'd tatted some adorable little antique lady figure and someone was going to sew it to a sweatshirt. Jesus Wept. So did the girls at Go Fug Yourself.

My daughter observed a week or two ago that KR isn't what it used to be in terms of interesting non-knitting discussion. Oh well, it happens.

I didn't make it to the office - I have a milder version of the Girlchild's dreaded virus, I feel punkish but not flat on my back sick. It's a 24 hour bug at best, I should be okay in the morning. I did finish the latest Clapotis - I love Lion and Lamb like I love good coffee and good wine, it's just so worth the price. I still have to drop a lot of stitches, L&L does not drop easily, it tends to grab onto itself and hang on. Dropping stitches with force is so satisfying, maybe that's one reason I love the pattern and the yarn. The pattern is pure genius - easy but clever as hell in its construction. And I realized - after I bought it - that it is a perfect scarf for my elderly Nice Winter Coat, that I wear once every 2 years for a few days when I go somewhere Northern during the winter. I hope to use it this winter in Asheville when I visit the Boy and scope out the possibilities.


Janet said...

Oh for Christ's sweet sake. The little guy, eh? Yeah, I'm sure all those country-club types care about the little guy. And Bubba only cares about little guys just like him. Feh.

I also really resent the fact that conservatives try to use "intellectual" as a perjorative. Hello? Being a "smartypants" is sure as hell better than the alternative.


Sorry you're under the weather but glad it's not as virulent as Girlchild's1

Catherine said...

Well, the howler is that the conservatives teaching the flock to use "intellectual" as a dirty word are themselves intellectuals. Who do you think set up the Al Gore is a Boring Intellectual meme? If you've heard the man speak he's anything but boring, but yes, he is an intellectual. But they successfully created the idea that intellectuals are snobs who look down on "the little guy" and cynically fed it to those little guys to use them.

I do admit to looking down on sewing tatting on a sweatshirt. But that's not intellectualism talking. If you have two PhDs and always vote Democrat and wear a sweatshirt with some cutesy thing sewed on it, I will still gag. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know about SAFF 2006 (Southeast Animal Fiber Festival) which takes place on October 27th, 28th and 29th, 2006 in Asheville. You may want to plan your visit with boychild that weekend. Check out the website at

Charlotte, NC
(a frequent lurking reader)

Catherine said...

OMG, that would be great! I'll time it for that if I can! Thanks!

Janet said...

I'm with ya on the tatting/sweatshirt thing. One of my friends (smart, uber-liberal New Yorker) and I, both "cat people," keep an eye on each other for any sign of impending wearing of cat sweatshirts, or anything we fear might be in cat-sweatshirt territory. She has an MA from Georgetown (where, as a TA, she used to terrorize the conservative students, good-humoredly) and I wouldn't blame you for looking down on her if she has one on.

Likewise with the intellectual conservatives. They're just manipulating their non-intellectual base. What's wrong with using the brain God gave you?

(Janet runs screaming from room, holding pained Democrat head)

PuppyMomma said...

Ok. I'll admit this is the first time I've read your blog, but I've been watching the KR "debate" (if it can be called that, since arguing with an admitted born-again christian is like screaming into a paper bag) and you are spot on. You'll have to forgive my hysterical laughter post, but that article is just too much! What do you want to be that someone in the White House actually wrote it?

Catherine said...

George Lakoff isn't someone in the White House and perhaps you'd like to re-read it a bit more carefully. It's an indictment of conservatism in general and says we need to quit focusing on "Bush is an idiot," because they'll just substitute a "smarter" Bush next time. We need to focus on what's happened to conservatism as the problem, because it IS.

Catherine said...

LOL re the Cat Clothing, Janet - I totally agree. Cutesy clothing with teddies or kitties or any other horrible juvenile theme on a grown woman is a great wrongness. Cats at home, good. Cats on shirts, very bad.

cursingmama said...

I'm just fabergasted to find out that BushCo. is not for the little guy, it can't be true! Be Still My Young Beating Heart. I think I may faint!!!!
*rolls eyes so hard they fall out my damn head*
Sweet goodness - had a good row with my happily republican BIL (send prayers) not long ago regarding the fact that if a democrat were pulling the exact shit Bushco has pulled that he would be fighing mad and bitching about it all. He couldn't really argue my point, but still refuses to see the error of his ways in the voting booth; he watches Fox News and they tell him he was right -grrrrrr

Amy in StL said...

I actually laughed out loud at "so did the girls at Go Fug Yourself" I think this gave away that I wasn't writing letters.