Friday, June 23, 2006

Sweet Potato Queens and Funeral Planning.

The Sweet Potato Queens book is hilarious and was the perfect companion on the drive through Bumfuck, Egypt to make funeral arrangements. Which went very well. Everyone was very nice, because when you come in after the death you are paying top dollar and they really do love and care about you. I'm being somewhat snarky there, actually the funeral director was a nice guy, he used to work for the outfit that screwed up my husband's funeral - I ended up telling them the story about the many things that went wrong in the course of his questions. He was horrified and took my contact information - it's almost 3 years ago and he still wants to "do something." I think the two outfits are probably affiliated, they have the same logo and such. So anyway, the funeral is Tuesday and we'll be spending another brutally friggin' hot summer day visiting Bushnell. I am not going to be stupid enough to wear hose and heels this time - I was only half joking about flip-flops, but I am wearing a linen skirt and sleeveless top. Oh crap, I have to wash and iron both before Tuesday.

Puzzling comment below: Can anyone tell me what Dee fm KS is talking about? I can't find a comment from her, let alone one that apparently offended me.

I love my friends, near and far, and my sane family - I hardly got to listen to the SPQs on the way back because I was on the phone the entire time - kids, Cousin C, the lawyer formerly known as Boss, who will notify the rest of our little posse. We will go drink to celebrate my birthday with the rest of the Dysfunctional Family Survivors Club. Cousin S sent me Daisies. Cousin C sent me an early birthday present - a really cute trendy purse of the kind I'd never buy but yes, I'll use. Because I need to get more sparkly things into my wardrobe. And snarky cocktail napkins. Because one can't have too many of those.

Weekend plans - detox from all the carbs I've sucked down since Wednesday. Costco. Housecleaning. Finish Clapotis. The jangling nerves of yesterday are gone, I can handle this insanity.


Amie said...

My guess is a computer somewhere hiccupped her comment into the ether and she thought you deleted it.

Because really, what on earth would offend you?


Geogrrl said...

I was thinking the same thing. I vaguely remembered that dee left a lengthy comment, andI can't find it now.

Catherine said...

Yeah, that's what puzzled me, I may tell you to go to hell, but I don't delete. My daughter didn't know what she was talking about either and asked me. Because yeah, with everything going on in my life I have the energy to get upset about a comment from a stranger on my blog? That's the weird thing about having a blog - people take it more personally than I do!

Bess said...

"I can handle this insanity. "

Nobody could do it better, in my book. Bright light wait'n up ahead, sugar. Lots of bright light.

And I'm sure Charlotte will make room for you. :D