Monday, July 17, 2006

Actual Knitting Content.

Bitching about knitting, but that counts.

So, I managed to get quite a bit of knitting time in this weekend. I started the Barbizon Jacket. Somehow I had this vision of this as a chunkier-weight sweater, (maybe it's the word "jacket") and I fretted that my Cascade 220 stash yarn would be too light a gauge. I shouldn't have feared. This is knit at a wind-resistant 5 st/in. Yeah. On size 5 needles. Uh-huh. Stockinette. Miles of it. I don't hate this, because I love stockinette, I can do it at high speed and watch a movie or twelve and all is good. Bring on those movies! Long movies. Many long movies.

I have this down to a science: I park myself on the loveseat, stretched out with feet elevated on one arm, and the Ott Light over my shoulder at a safe distance. I've tried sitting under the Ott Light in a sitting position, and wanted sunglasses. If the Ott Light is too close it actually creates its own glare, but if I put it on the end table and sit beneath it but a good two feet away, I am illuminated but not overly so. I have found the proper knitting position.

And then I screwed around with the laceweight linen. I am now in awe of Debi because laceweight linen is, if possible, worse than bamboo. Not as slippery, though almost, but a hundred times as stiff. I'm in search of the right pattern, and I may be a copycat and try that Flower Basket Shawl, because it looks like it has enough repetition that it won't totally kill me. Because I think the laceweight linen will be what you call an "acquired taste." Like liver.

I love the sport weight Euroflax to the point of insanity, but laceweight yarn and I already have a somewhat strained relationship, so perhaps it was pushing it to try the laceweight linen. It's like knitting with dental floss.

And I was all smug and virtuous and telling myself I wouldn't buy any yarn for a long time, maybe even past Labor Day, and then our virtual cousin Laurie talks about the knitting ADD thing and needing yarn that changes colors and that is EXACTLY what was running through my mind all weekend. I tried to resist, but she's right, it's the color changes. I need color changes, right now. All the yarn I'm using is so solid. Even if I find the right pattern the linen is heathery, it doesn't have that ADD-soothing color change quality, and that's IF I find the right pattern. I need some sport-weight handpainted for a Pi Are Square shawl and I need it NOW. I need the yarn. It's not a random desire to stash, I need something with colors that change, to start right now, to change off to when my brain cramps, because all this solidness is going to kill me.

I also discovered that I could easily do an hour on the elliptical trainer if I have a Grey's Anatomy recorded. I had to stop myself to get into the shower and go to work this morning. This is significant because 1) I am 48 years old and 2) the first time I got on an elliptical trainer a year ago I thought it was going to kill me in the first 5 minutes. It hurt, it burned, I gasped, I hated it. I swore I could never do that thing. Now I own one, and 35 minutes go by and I'm watching the clock because damn I have to stop and get into the shower if I'm going to get to work by my customary 15-20 minutes late. (Almost all lunches are working lunches and I seldom leave at 5, so nobody cares.) If my middle-aged ass can do this, it truly is possible.

I'm really depressed by the "Bush Said Shit!" story. Because it's so not the right focus - so what, he said shit. Maybe a few very sheltered farmers in BFE are shocked. Swearing and Diet Coke - two things I have in common with our Prezzydunce. But I was appalled at how damn stupid he sounds when he doesn't have a script. I always thought he was a nasty little spoiled rich boy, but that didn't necessarily mean he really was dumb. But Jesus, if that's small talk among the big boys give me the redneck barbeque joint for sparkling repartee. I have wittier conversations with guys who drive bulldozers. I know I'll sleep better at night now. God help us.


Debi said...

Thanks for the kudos :)

The laceweight is fractious, indeed! When you posted that you ordered it I was surprised cause you usually like the stuff you don't have to wrestle!

If you want to use the laceweight without losing your mind, I suggest you get some Inox Grays (Teflon) they are the only needles I can stand to use with the linen! I get mine here: or These 2 canadian vendors sell Aeros which are made by the same company as Inox and much cheaperand identical to the Inox Teflon!

Can't wait to see what you do with the linen!

Anonymous said...

Even better, did you see the link of him trying to give the German Chancellor a backrub? The look on her face... I don't blame her! If some guy came up and did that in a business context? Ick!


Aria said...

I think there must be a current cosmic need for color... (and DIFFERENT colors at that - which is why my first sock is languishing - its lots of different colors all at once, but not changing or different)

Anyway - for whatever reason (actually in my case probably a combination of "why oh why isn't my house finished yet" with a bad case of PMS) I am out to go buy brightly colored cotton yarn for dishcloths... don't ask me why dishcloths, I really don't know (but I figure they're light and small and so should make good christmas presents for far away people =)

Catherine said...

Debi - I love Inox needles and have many sizes, when I find the right pattern for the dental floss from hell I'll remember that tip! Thanks! Right now I think it will go into the stash until I am psyched and have the right pattern. I'm also working on a genUwine lace shawl in Helen's Lace, and it's my Saturday morning with a pot of coffee work - the only time I have when I'm alert and have a block of time to work on it. I am sneaking up on lace, but I choose my patterns carefully.