Friday, July 21, 2006

Actual Knitting.

This is the Fan Stitch Half-Circle Shawl from Martha Waterman's Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls., in Helen's Lace "Watercolor," Offered as evidence that I actually do know how to knit. I just choose patterns offering maximum fun for for minimum stress. I love this pattern, the repeat is simple enough and I can work on it and watch TV, with an eye on each. Not quite a no-brainer project, but a half-brainer.

I made the snap decision yesterday to take today off - I was able to squeeze in an eye appointment and I am finally getting new glasses. I bought new contacts last year (I wear gas perm lenses due to my astigmatism) and used my vision benefits on those, so this year I can replace my everyday glasses. I am trying to calculate the age of my current "everyday glasses." I think they are at least 8 years old. I only wear them when I'm in the house and have taken out the contacts, but they are definitely overdue for replacement. My favorite eye doctor up and moved to South Florida months ago, the bitch, so I am going to a new guy, and no doubt he will want to dialate my eyes, which I hate because it lasts forever on me. A doctor told me that it's because I have blue eyes - blue eyes dialate faster and stay that way longer. All I know is that it's a huge pain in my ass, and I'm going to time my activities to shuffle all the "can do it blind" things like laundry for post-exam. But it's worth it for New Glasses. Finally! And tomorrow a long overdue haircut. I'm letting the uber-short hair grow in a bit, it was just too short - it was a great haircut but not what I'm in the mood for right now. My new Hair God is going to experience my hair whims. Poor man.

Pay bills, grocery list, post office - before the afternoon rains hit and while I can still see. I love a random day off!


Ginnie said...

I always argue with the Opthamologist over the dilation thing. Sometiems I win and they can do the same things with the lenses that they shine in your eyes that dilate them naturally. But you have to be able to tolerate really bright lights shining in your eyes.

Sue Woo said...

AH! Your knitting took my breath away!

Martha said...

Missy C,
Bee-ute-tee-full shawl!
Yes, honey, of course you know how to knit - d'oh.
And I love the max fun & minimum stress component - that is a good idea.
Oh, the dilation thing - oy veh. At my last opthamologist appt., I swear he gave me the wrong rx for my contacts & glasses - I doubt my eyes worsened that quickly bewteen the appt. & the receiving of the glasses & new lenses. I have never felt that I could see as well w/these lenses.
And yes, I do wear reading glasses on top of the contacts - it's a part of aging that I am trying to become accustomed to altho' it's a tough one.

Catherine said...

I managed to sweet talk my way out of dialation - he was friends with my former doctor and when I said she'd done it last year he gave me the usual speech but let it slide. He was great, I really like that office - and the funniest part was that he knew my former doc's office and wasn't shy about gossiping about how miserable she was there and why she left. I have worn bifocals (no line, and damned expensive even with insurance) in my no-contacts time, and reading glasses over the contacts for work, for years now. I read plats and construction plans, the font size is usually around 4 or 6 points. We almost all need reading glasses before 40, it's an occupational hazard.

Thanks for the shawl comment, I can't wait to see it done and blocked because right now it's blobby, but I can see the potential.

Catherine said...

Oh, I'm laughing because I realized that I automatoically gave dilation the local pronunciation - dye-a-lation - when typing it. Next I'll go buy me a Tioda (Toyota, as said by owner of local dealership).

Geogrrl said...

So... Is it going to be a "big ol'" shawl?

Heh. The colours are lovely and I don't think they'll fight with the F&F (Old Shale) pattern. It looks lumpy now, but when you block it out you'll be so pleased with yourself.

Catherine said...

See, varigated yarn does eat the pattern! :-) It's not F&F at all, it's totally different. The "fans" are flat stockinette and gathered with hand-cramping k4togs. After it is finished and blocked the pattern will show, right now it's just a blob, but I do like it.

Geogrrl said...

My bad... I just saw the word "fan" in your post and assumed you'd gone back to your standby F&F. That's what I get for not reading carefully.

Valerie said...

Hey, hi! I was googling the Waterman Fan-stitch-half-circle shawl and saw your pic. Your shawl looks gorgeous, the colours all come together fabulously! I'm working on that shawl, too. I'm 2 fan-rows from being done, and it's not any where near shawl sized, guess I should have swatched my gauge, first! How's yours, size-wise? Pics of mine can be seen here.

Catherine said...

That looks really teeny - mine is nowhere near that small and I abandoned it for tiny hats a week ago - I'm about 60 rows into it. It's still pretty small, but not that tiny!