Saturday, July 29, 2006

Catching Up...

Dinner with the kids - Boy is off to Asheville on Tuesday, and I'm so jazzed for him. He needed to take the plunge and get out of the Orlanduh gravitational pull. Girl graduates from UCF one week from today, and she is walking, has the cap and gown and tickets and all, and there will be photos of the lovely Girlchild in her very hard earned (busting ass waiting tables and pinching pennies) cap and gown. We will probably celebrate with brunch at Denny's - we joked about it but it does sound fitting. I offered her cash in lieu of a party, and she'd rather have cash. Fine with me.

Dinner with the Lawyer Formerly Known As Boss and my sort-of replacement who hates her life right now. LFKAB appears to be reaching for Reality. There was no talk about "I have a family," while sitting across from two single women who had been drinking and were armed with steak knives - but I think he has moved past that crap. I retract 60% of the contempt expressed in my earlier post. 40% remains until he actually gets his ass out of that cesspool, because he should have done it at least a year ago. He started repeating a line I have heard for 3 years and I screamed at him (but did not wave my knife) that if he really thought that things could change he was an effing idiot - nothing is going to change there, I listened to almost 2 years of promises before I wrote it off as a cesspool and bailed, and it has gone downhill since then. And then his current Sort-of-Me and I explained how for him it might be kinda shitty, but for her it was a plunge into a nightmare - the office manager in that office is a sadistic bitch who runs the shop via fear and intimidation. Where grownups say "Oooh, you're going to get in trouble!" to each other and mean it serious as a heart attack. Where they watch every move you make, and God forbid you take 63 minutes for lunch now and then, or have to pee too much, because They Are Watching. The insult of being "traded" like a slave or a piece of office equipment (the ballplayer analogy miserably fails the salary test, the lease on the copier is more accurate) was enough, but to have to put up with petty power play bullshit is too much. After 22 years at the job, with the baby lawyers humbly asking her to check their work and thanking her for teaching them how to draft an order properly or begging her to review their correspondence to opposing counsel, being treated like an expendable, interchangeable piece of office equipment is simply not acceptable. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be paralegals.

Because that Scarlet P tattoo is hell to scrub off. But maybe, just maybe, I'll get to do it. The new VP is a gift from God. My cohort and fellow grownup R and I can't believe our good fortune. He spent the day with the Veep and came back glowing like he'd had a Vision - everything we have wanted to do, said we needed, and bitched about changing and couldn't do because we don't have the clout came unbidden out of the Veep's mouth. The three of us are totally on the same page, sharing a brain and a vision, and totally jazzed about where we will go from here. But he is the Golden Boy Vice President! The owner of the company handed him the carte blanche to make it happen! Happy Dance!!! Halleluia! If this guy lives up to 25% of his potential we are blessed, and if he comes through with anything more, we are over the moon. And I am so glad that I stuck through this job for a year of uncertainty and aggravation, because this is not to be missed. The worst case scenario is that I will learn a lot while I am here and move on, and the best is that I will scrub off the Scarlet P forever, and attach myself like a tick to this guy and learn everything I can about everything and stay.

Lots of good things are clicking into place. The LFKAB described it as the tumblers clicking everywhere. Things that needed to happen are happening.

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