Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Edited Again

because the cute thing I'd cut and pasted caused my sidebar to slide to the bottom of the page and I'm too lazy to figure out why.

(Note: Edited. I must give up my bad habit of hitting the publish button without rereading, let alone proofreading, the stream of consciousness garbage I let fly. I can live without complete sentences but complete thoughts are necessary.)

Today was a good day. Met new boss. Really like new boss so far. He's funny and has been around the block, and we speak the same language. Definitely willing to give new boss total allegiance and support. He seems like the real thing and I'm usually a quick and brutal judge of character and almost never wrong, (to the chagrin of some of my old colleagues and friends, who scoffed at my instincts and had to grovel later and agree that I Was Right).

I can respect him. He's says the right things in a not faking it way - and I don't mean the "Oh, I hope we can all work together as a team" wimpyass droning corporate birdshit that drops out of most of these people like, well, birdshit. I mean he cut to the "how do we do things" meat and talked developer talk in a way I could relate to - maybe this will be a turning point in this job, which so far, has been just a paycheck. We'll see, but I feel better today than I did yesterday.

Boy called me - they're down to two properties for the rental, and I told them to go for the place closer to town with gas heat. The other was a hundred bucks cheaper, but an old, non-heat-pump electric system and not as close to downtown. Gas appliances and a short walk to downtown, go for it. I plan to visit Asheville this fall.

My mother is doing outstandingly well. I am frankly stunned and never so glad to be wrong in my entire life. She was a wreck, to the point where I thought I'd have to have her hospitalized, the night my father died, and then she just snapped out of it and is totally grounded and calm and taking care of business. I don't know whether she'll be content to live there forever, I doubt it, but in time she'll figure out what she wants to do. It has to be her idea, I'll help make it happen but she has to decide.

Girl is just three weeks from graduation, and the great abyss of What Now? I hate to tell her that it never gets easier. I'm old and making more money but it's always What Now? Is my job going to get better with new boss? So good that it's worth staying here? (I don't see that happening it at this point, the cost of living and the crime are going to drive me out.) I've been putting a lot of thought into what I would have to do to get this house ready to sell, and targeting next spring as the Get Out date. By then I may have some idea where I'm going.


Donna said...

Hmm.. Pink Polar Bear doesn't cut it for my detective name.

Anonymous said...

My super hero name would be, "The Red Dweep," since that's what we call my car.
I'm going with no super powers for me.
Glad your universe has righted itself, and so quickly.
sallyjo, k, whatever my name is here.

Ginnie said...

I was thinking similiar thoguhts last night. Is it too late for me to make major changes in my life, to try a new career, to change me? I hope not because I am on my wat to doing it! House is for sale and now it is the wait. But, oh, the excitement of it all!

dragon knitter said...

oh my god, catherine, i didn't know your father had passed away. i've been so terribly out of touch.

i'm glad to hear your mom is handling it like a trooper. my dad died 5 years ago, and the day of the funeral, my mom handed me a list of "demands". my mom is deaf, and arthritic at that, so long extended conversations are hard on her (me too, guess who inherited the arthritic hands?). one of which was "i want to move." my dad had bought a house with 9 lots that bordered on a creek that he used to cut down trees from, for the wood burning stove. as a tiny little german woman, there was no way she could take care of it. so this was a sensible decision. and the funny part? she's gained a HUGE sense of independence, even though she doesn't drive, and wont' ride the bus. and i knew she was stubborn, but MY GOD! i'm beginning to think i got my stubborn streak from her & not my dad, lol.

after all that chattiness, long & short, she'll be fine.

and my grandma (her mother) died at 3 weeks shy of her 97th birthday with salt & pepper hair. good (tiny) irish women, indeed (she was about 4'6" when she died).