Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lizards in Love.

I apologize for the many f-bombs dropped in last night's rant, I'm trying to be better but 1) it's an issue that really gets under my skin; and 2) I haven't slept in three days. The lizards are killing me. They scream all night. Not pleasant little peeps, chirps, and nature sounds, but piercing screeching and yelling. My windows are tightly closed, the A/C is running, and they are so loud they sound like they are IN the room with me. They really get going at 3 a.m. It's like sleeping (not sleeping) next to a really rowdy frat house. Combine that with a Boston Terrier who is too hot, and this is my fault somehow, so he flounces, sighs and changes position (but always too close to me) all night, and I am averaging 4 hours of sleep a night right now.

So at 4 a.m. I turned on ABC's overnight news program, and heard something that truly confused me. They cited two polls by saying that "a clear majority of Americans" approved of the President's handling of the Israel-Lebanon mess - 45-47% approved. A clear majority? Then we were told that a similar clear majority supported Israel's position - that number was 54%. Okay, at least that's a bit more than half, unlike the LESS THAN HALF approval of the President's "efforts" (a word that definitely needs to be in quotes here) on this issue which was cheerily cited as "majority approval."

Sounds like ambivalence to me. I guess any number over 39% looks good to them now, but why is ABC puffing it that way? What happened to reporting without spin, is it totally dead, even on small statistical utterances like this?

And I still want to buy yarn. Handpainted yarns in many colors. I may break down and do that this weekend. Maybe it's the insomnia, it makes me irritable, makes me swear, and makes me crave expensive yarns. Yeah, that's it.

There will be not much blogging for the next few days, there are places to go, people to see. My horoscope has been dead on the money lately, something has shifted in the cosmos and the energy has changed, and I'm changing too. I hope for the better, and God knows I'm ready.


Geogrrl said...

Just put an "L" for "language" at the front of your posts.

Seriously, it's your blog; write whatever and however you please.

I'm not sure--I don't know your old boss--but there is another reason for his intertia besides fear. It may be simple exhaustion. Horrible jobs like that suck the life and energy out of a person. The long hours burn them out, and it's difficult to summon the energy necessary to start looking for another job. I've been there. In that case, it may take some kind of major event to get him off his tuchus.

carlarey said...

I agree about the language. Those with delicate sensibilities probably left already anyway. They seldom enjoy reading truth of any variety.

As for the boss/friend, I have worked with guys like that as well. They will listen to you rant, gripe along, but ultimately, a crap situation is just easier to bear when you are making plenty of money.

Aria said...

Go buy Yarn... that clearly is the only solution... (but then I'm predisposed to that view - thats what I just got home from doing - therapy shopping is a good thing)

KatyaR said...

I think it's the heat--I'm having the same problem. I have trouble sleeping at night anyway, and I've bought so much fiber in the last six weeks that my friends are getting ready to call for an intervention.

I'm saying use that excuse for all it's worth!!

ChelleC said...

Lizards scream? I never knew that. I assumed they were quiet little creatures.

Catherine said...

Some species do make sounds, and they are very annoying sounds. Add to that the tree frogs (though I haven't seen many of them this year, come to think of it) and bullfrogs and it's a loud, irregular, discordant screeching and hollering. Not peaceful at all.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Geogrrl re: exhaustion... and also the fact that bad jobs tend to destroy your self-esteem. It's hard to look for work at the best of times - let alone when you feel like a piece of crap.

My bf was in a similar situation (in terms of the crap job sucking life force out of him) and it wasn't until he got sacked that he went and found a much better job. Just needed something to give him a kick in the butt.

cursingmama said...

ABC = A Bush Company ;)

All secretive about where you're going - - oooohhhhh - I hope there is yarn involved!