Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random Stuff.

Murphy and I were hailed by a neighbor while on our evening constitutional. J handed us a HUGE bag of incredibly fragrant fresh basil. ( My own basil is barely alive and languishing in the heat in its pot, I really need to find a place to stick it in the ground this week.) So, thanks to a neighbor who is a much better gardener than I am (it's hard to be a worse gardener than I am) tonight there will be pasta with fresh pesto sauce. MMMMMM....

My son leaves for Asheville in 8 days, his sister graduates from UCF in, I think we're down to 12 days now.

I'm craving handpainted yarns. I have this urge to ditch my entire stash and restash with nothing but handpainted color, color, color. And shawls. The fixation on knitting brightly colored flat things hasn't abated, I can't focus on a sweater for the life of me. I do need to change that, I want to make the Boy a sweater from that lovely heathery-brown stash yarn. And I want to make him an afghan for the new place. He's excited about this move, a little apprehensive but I'm excited for him, I can't wait to visit in October.

Morning meeting today, must get moving.

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