Sunday, July 30, 2006

Small Hats for Small People

Everything I'm knitting right now is big, hundreds of stitches in a row, if I get through four rows in an evening that's an accomplishment. I have nothing small and portable in the works right now. I also have a stash full of onesies-twosies skeins of the nicest yarn Lion Brand ever made (and when they realized this was not part of their business model promptly discontinued) the late, lamented Cotton-ease. So the Caps to the Capital project came along at the right time.

I accomplished a lot of things yesterday, including cleaning months' worth of spiderwebs and dead bugs from my little front porch (it was very Addams Family) and repairing the latch on the storm door, which involved working outside in the oppressive heat and humidity for over an hour, which was followed by my second shower of the day. I have a real sense of accomplishment though, I took the door apart, figured out what was wrong with the latch, replaced the broken pieces and put it all back together, and it works! So today I can bask in that accomplishment and stay in out of the heat. I need to do laundry, but otherwise I plan to park myself on the couch in the air conditioning and knit itty bitty hats.


KnitNana said...

Whenever I do something that my folks would have deemed "men's work" and I'm successful, it just makes my whole day! My dad was particularly good about defining activities in terms of gender and doing it in a very condescending manner. Just made me nuts.
Congrats on fixing your door! Whoohoo!
My portable project these days is socks!
Happy Sunday!

Catherine said...

I wasn't raised with too many gender-defined rules, mostly due to my beloved uncle who had no kids of his own and had no clue what to do with a little girl, so he took her fishing and taught her to play chess. But my husband truly loved to do things like that, he'd jump on any household repair so I never had to do anything, and certainly never had to take the parts that latch the door shut out of the door, diagnose what was wrong with it (POS design - my mother's house has the exact same door and the exact same problem, so now I know how to fix hers) and figure out how to work around the problem. I enjoyed doing it.

Aria said...

I almost bought a clearanced "learn to knit" kit (that wasn't that far marked down) just to get a chance to find out about the much beloved CottonEase that I never got to experience... But I decided I didn't really want to know what I was missing - and I'm not all that keen on white baby hats anyway, even if I'd wanted to make it to put up for that "someday" when I might find a husband and have a baby...