Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tiny, Tiny Hats

The requested hat size for the Save the Children project is about six inches deep before the brim is turned up, and 10 inches circumference. That is a tiny, tiny hat. I made two today and started a third, I could make eleventy jillion out of my Cotton-ease stash of single skeins. I'm not using the pattern in the .pdf file, because that is knit flat and I'd rather make them on dpns, but either way, these are itty bitty hats. The instructions state that the hats should be that size and that bigger US sized baby hats will be too big. And that says it all about why these tiny babies need these hats, and nutritional and medical care for the babies and their mothers, doesn't it?

I also cleaned the "guest room" While Girl Was Out. Before Girl moved back, I had painted the walls and bought new carpet, and assembled with my own two hands a double dresser and a futon "guest bed" for that small (10x11) room that used to be her brother's bedroom. Then Girl moved back, we put the big chest in there, and plastic tubs of other things, and I moved in more of my own overflow possessions, and when we were done stuffing it it was hell to even go in there. We kept the door closed. It spent a year marinating in random clutter and funk. She'd run in, grab what she needed from the tall chest and run out again. It deteriorated into a godawful collection of craft stuff and wrapping paper and underwear and loose change. Plastic tubs (mine) and wadded-up Tallahassee band t-shirts (hers) - it was truly La Casa de White Trash. But that's all fixed now. I got my crap out of there, dumped hers into a couple of more attractive containers, even put a fresh cover sheet on the futon so the cats can nap there. I collected a dessicated anole carcass and assorted trash. The door is open, it's not really "finished" as a room, but it's civilized again. I would not melt into a puddle of humiliation if someone saw it now. We could even park an overnight guest in tolerable comfort for a night or two. Beyond that would be pushing it.

So the "the tumblers clicking" has continued through the weekend. My storm door isn't busted anymore, the front porch isn't as horrifyingly Addams Family, and the spare room is no longer White Trash World. And tiny hats are addictive. If I get 8 hours of sleep tonight this will qualify as a pretty good weekend.


ChelleC said...

Catherine, where did you get the website for that? Making tiny hats or socks sounds appealing - I've never done charity knitting before but really need to ease into doing something for someone besides me.

ChelleC said...

Duh - sorry, I see in your posting right below that you give the link right there. Found it! Thanks.

Martha said...

Missy C,
Have been off line for a few days & I must say, I missed your "virtual" voice - your posts make me feel as tho' I am hearing you via the phone line or in person. It's a cool quality.
So that I don't take up all your post-a-comment space, I'll say congrats to your children on their move & graduation, way yo go to you for all the household tasks done, give the lizards some sleeping pills, the caps project sounds like a very worthy cause, maybe you will inspire the ex-Boss - kudos for not waving your steak knife at him as you urged him to step away from that office & esp. the manager from hell & it's good to be reading of your adventures.

Catherine said...

Aww, Martha, that's so sweet! But you know I actually swear less in person, at least in public. (The blog reflects my "at home and in the office," level of f-bombing.) Much is going on in my world, I really will post enough pictures to make Bess weep on her dial-up connection this weekend, and have tons of mighty interesting developments. But right now I'm doing laundry. Tomorrow I have to try not to get lost on my way to an unfamiliar city hall in a small town in an unfamiliar county. Never complain that life is boring, because God has a wicked sense of humor.