Saturday, July 01, 2006

Toad Rescue 911

I opened the door to let the dogs out and Dudley went out. Murphy stood in the doorway, and I turned around to find him nose to nose with a small toad. Just checking each other out, you know. I scooped up the toad. It settled down in my hand and didn't struggle at all. I ordered both dogs to go in. Closed the door, and put young toad down in the grass. It (I can't identify toad gender in the daylight, let alone in the dark) hopped away.

So much better than chasing it around after it gets in and disappears under the bed. And infinitely better than finding a mummified dead toad (or worse, HALF a toad) in two weeks.

How do people who can't pick up amphibians and reptiles survive here? A male friend of mine won't pick up a lizard. I have to admit, I had serious doubts about his manhood after that. Any 5 year old girl will pick up an anole. I casually scoop them up like small reptilian kittens. I am at home with snakes, lizards, etc. But not with big ugly insects. Ugh. That's why I love snakes, lizards, etc., because the eat the things I hate.


Debi said...

I'd rather scoop em up than let P-Man have his way with them! I don't think he's ever seen a lizard yet!

Bess said...

that's why I like spiders, too. Even when I scoop them out of the corners - I'm careful.

Last week when we had the puppies, one of them came face 2 face with a good sized toad in that Murphyesque way - and she casually picked it up and tried to cary it around the yard. They must taste terrible, for she dropped it immediately and spent the next few minutes trying to lick the taste away.

Janet said...

Thanks to the Crocodile Hunter, I've lost my terror of most creepy-crawly things, but in the case of things like snakes I just worry about deadliness. Granted, I don't live in Poisonous Snake Heaven here, but we do have some.

Toads, lizards, OTOH -- cute!

Catherine said...

I'm okay with snakes as long as I recognize them and know they're not poisonous. Some are really pretty - I think red rat snakes (aka "corn snakes") are gorgeous creatures. But if I can't positively ID the snake I stay well away from it.

Catherine said...

I believe toads must taste awful, because Murphy knows better than to pick one up - he goes nose-to-nose with it in a friendly, curious way, but he won't chase one the way he will a lizard. I suspect he's tasted one.