Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why I need to meet a man who doesn't make me roll my eyes uncontrollably.

I was in the bathroom. I became aware of Heavy Breathing. I said, "Will you please stop that, you sound like a pervert!" And it stopped, because Murphy realized that I am still alive. I didn't go into the bathroom and die.

Bailey the golden retriever used to think that there was a secret exit from the (windowless in that house) master bathroom. My husband used to encourage this paranoia by telling him, "When you hear the flush, she's gone!"

I need a man to reassure my dog that I am not crawling out the bathroom window. And because it's really sad that the only time I hear sincere, passionate heavy breathing, it's coming from an 8 pound dog.


Bliss said...

Dogs can be so funny about that. My poodle Bunny used to sit outside the shower door as though I had a secret exit out the other side. As soon as I would step out of the shower, she would high-tail it in to the other room as though she didn't want me to know she was worried. Either that or seeing me naked scared the stuffing out of her - hee!

Geogrrl said...

My cats sit and meow outside the door. As soon as either I or my husband come out, they either run over and check the tub or run over and check their litterbox.

Amy in StL said...

My dog also seems to think there is a secret exit from the bathroom. I've had him for 15 years and he still lays down outside the door while I'm in the bathroom. Either that or he's convinced I'm sneaking people food behind that door.... which when I'm taking a long soak I sometimes do.

Anonymous said...

Funny. If my husband is home, my cat ignores the fact that I shower. If I'm home alone and get into the shower, at some point while I'm in there she will stand safely outside the door and cry. And cry and cry and cry. Until I push the door open and she can see that even in all that wetness I haven't washed down the drain or melted or something!


Janet said...

Whenever I take a bath, at least one cat comes in -- usually Simone the talker. She wants to be petted by the arm on the outside of the tub; sometimes she'll jump onto the rim and even step onto my chest. Ow. Boo will sometimes come in and if I ignore her, even though she is huge and usually very shy, she will throw up a paw and hit me on the arm so I'll remember I'm supposed to pet her.

And Simone always goes to the bathroom with me. I have no idea why, but she seems to think getting petted then is the best.