Saturday, August 12, 2006

40% chance of rain, my ASS.

My tired, sweaty, dehydrated ass. Try 96 and broiling sun. If 40% of the area got rain I have no idea where it was, the entire metro area missed it. I know, because we all checked in and bitched to each other. The dead tomatoes are still there, but I do have two live plants (Southern-bred beefsteaks, I forget what they're called. Bubbasteaks or something) to put in the ground tomorrow, early. And another gorgeous basil. The struggling basil needs moral support, and I really love pesto. Tomorrow I will go plant the things I bought today. Because by the time I returned from the Heatstroke Trifecta of garden center and Petsmart and groceries it was almost noon. I did put soaker hoses in place to supplement the sprinkler system, and that damn near killed me. After 24 oz. of water and a salad, I did laundry and cleaned the clutter. Talked to my mother and Cousin C.

Poor Cousin C is flying to DC on Tuesday and had to re-plan and re-pack everything she's bringing, and now has to leave for the airport at 4:30 a.m. This sucks enough when you are 35, but Cousin C is in her sixties and her way more senior neighbor is being a sweetheart and getting up that early to take her. What a pain in the ass - it would be okay if you could really believe it makes a difference and makes us safer, but this is classic Homeland Insecurity. React to the threats that hit the media! Look at how responsive we are to these Threats! It's so transparent, it's sad.

On 911 they used box cutters, so the knee-jerk response was to ban All Sharp Things! Even needles and embroidery scissors. Because Al Knitta and the Embroidery Fatwa were plausible threats, and nail clippers were deadly weapons. Then those rules were relaxed because death by nail clipper or sock needle? Not so deadly. The recent plan involved liquid explosives, so forget bringing that bottle of water and a Starbucks' mocha on board, even though you bought the goddamn things at the freakin' gate.

I am so glad I do not have to fly on business with this company. Starbucks and a bottle of water got on every plane with me for YEARS. I know it has made me reconsider air travel, not because I fear terrorists but because we've made it such a monumental pain in the ass for minimal security benefit. How 'bout the cargo in the plane's hold, huh?

I'm so glad I'm driving to Asheville. It'll be a long time before I am motivated enough to get on a plane again.


Sue Woo said...

If you need a Charleston stopover let me know!

Debi said...

I hated flying before all this hubub, now it's gonna be a looooonnnnnnng time before I even think about flying again!

Catherine said...

Orlando to Asheville is only 8 hours, Sue! I can do that standing on my head - but thanks for the offer. However, if I can talk you into MDS&W in the spring, I would be glad to drive by and pick you up. :-)