Saturday, August 12, 2006

The dogs went back to bed.

I should take my cue from them, but this weekend I must be brave. I'd rather have a root canal, but I must go to The Home Depot Garden Center on a Saturday Morning. (insert horror movie shrieks). It will be 94 degrees and 1000 percent humidity, and there will be ONE register open and 57 surly, sweaty people in line. I hate it. Maybe I'll go to Lowe's instead, where there will be TWO registers open but 118 surly people in line. Just for variety, you know.

I have a busted sprinkler head, weeds and chinch bugs. After I forage for the supplies needed, I need to yank out the dead tomatoes, as I've been threatening to do for two weeks, and put the struggling basil in that spot, so it will, I hope, quit struggling and start producing fat healthy leaves for pesto. Maybe test another tomato plant - what the hell, they're cheap. Cut back the dead parts of the bushes and hope they rally. Add a layer of mulch.

We have a 40% chance of rain today, which is the highest rain chance we've had in a week. The new landscaping that was so lush and green all spring is parched and struggling. My utility bills are through the roof. I am trying to learn to love the house, and working on the house, because as long as I live here there is no benefit to selling this house and moving into a condo. Our condo market is so overbuilt at this moment, it's ludicrous. Apartments are overpriced and almost entirely anti-pets. I can fantasize about ditching the house I can't, not in this market. The alternatives aren't alternatives. I'm here until I leave the area entirely, might as well accept it and learn to love visiting home improvement centers on the weekend.

Boy sent pictures of his duplex in Asheville, it's very nice. Everything looks green. There are hills. He called me last night while sitting out in his backyard drinking a beer, it was in the high 70s. It was still 90 here at that hour.

It's 6:45 and already 76 degrees. Oh yeah, a perfect day for the garden center. I'm hot and surly already.

More later, after the garden center and the yard work and a looong shower.

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Sue Woo said...

Good morntink. I just went out to Osmacote the poor things that are left after this heat. We're supposed to get rain too and I see it coming on the radar.

Here's my insecticidal soap recipe:to 1 gal water add 2 T vegetable oil, 2 T ivory soap, 2t cayenne pepper. Spray on plants as needed. If the bugs don't slide off they eat pepper. Works for me.